South Africa goes GAGA for Lady Gaga

Hey Hey Happy Monday Pouters!

So as y’all know, Marinda has a bit of a girl-crush on Mother Monster herself and basically lost her sh*t when it was announced this weekend that the pop sensation will be making her way to South African shores in November this year for her Born This Way Ball.

I’ve freaked out, screamed, danced to Born This Way and shouted “OH MY GOOOOOSH GAGA!!!!!!!!!” on the streets of Jo’burg this morning, among other questionable things and I know I wasn’t the only one. It’s not often that a Hollywood Shleb decides to come to South Africa when they’re in their prime, so everyone’s been a little happy today. Even the haters have to admit that the sexy star is awesome for considering our little country over here, so there *sticks tongue out*.

Tickets are on sale from June 19 for a show in Jo’burg on 30 November and Cape Town on December 3rd and rumour has it that tickets will be sold out before the afternoon, so be sure you get your hands on one if you are ready to get your paws out!

Little South African Monsters Unite!!

Whoop Whoop!!!

♥ Marinda Liza ♥


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11 responses to “South Africa goes GAGA for Lady Gaga

  1. haha oh you will hate my recent posts on the pout fb page… hahahaha i wanted RHCP not this commercial nonsense crapola. sorry. i dont like her… not real music in my opinion.

  2. Sorry but i’m with Fi on this one along with a rather large amount of people, She is everything but, Sexy or even talented (IMO) The only thing appealing about her is the fact that she is different even though at times she takes it to far, i will give that and ONLY that to her!

    • oh psshhhh, have you heard her sing acapella? Or heard her play piano? The girl is a ball of talent and she can work a crowd like a pro. Taking it too far is what appeals her most to me. But I’m hoping most South Africans can’t stand her guts so there is more room for us who love her to get tickets tomorrow 🙂 lol

  3. Lady Tay

    I personally believe that ♥Gaga♥ has opened a door that many Celebs didnt dare to even look at, a door that screams difference, yes maybe she is only known for her difference, but is definitely known for her voice, and my point can be proven by her biography (She was noticed for her voice, even though she did strip down naked and play the piano at a highschool party, yet it was still her voice that was noticed). She made her fame noticed by her closet i do agree, instead of just being another celeb in designer gear. I believe in what she is doing, atleast she has the guts when it comes to “You only have one life, LIVE it.” If it wasnt for her crazy outraged dress code, do you think people would have thought twice about her lyrics? No it would have just been another brush off of the shoulder, but like you said Rindz, everyone one to their own and I personally AM REALLY AMPED to see what she has instore for S.A!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! ♥

    • I agree with you fully. It’s society that has been shocked to shit already, so someone like Gaga takes advantage of it to get noticed and suddenly she’s such a bad guy / satanist / crazy bitch or whatever. It’s just proof that everyone is messed up, do what they want and they hate you for it, don’t do what they want and they hate you too. You’re right, if it weren’t for her outrageous outfits and craziness ONTOP of her amazing voice, who would really notice her anyway?

  4. I beg to differ, but as you said to each his own 😉

  5. The only nice thing about her coming, is that she will piss right back off to where she came from. Haha

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