Marisa Miller & Griffin Guess are EXPECTING!!

Hiya Pouters!

You should know by now, I love the VICTORIA’S SECRET girls, even when they’re lives have moved on from modelling for Vicky and her Secrets!

Model Marisa Miller and her husband, record producer Griffin Guess (sorry, I have to add here — how amazing is his name?) are expecting their first child!

Marisa & Griffin are expecting late fall in the Northern Hemisphere

Marisa a former Vicky’s Secret and Sports Illustrated cover girl issued a statement by saying

“My husband and I have always looked forward to starting a family, but also wanted to just enjoy being married.” “After six years together , the time feels right. My sisters and I will all have babies in 2012 so it’s such an exciting time.”

“Even though I’m exhausted, gaining weight and breaking down from all the hormones, I’m really enjoying the pregnancy. It’s all for the baby, so I couldn’t care less.

Marisa who is now 33 years old is reportedly due in the late Northern Hemisphere fall.

Mazel tov Marisa & Griffin on your new addition!


P.S. This is my first blog from my new home in Cape Town! Yay!!


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14 responses to “Marisa Miller & Griffin Guess are EXPECTING!!

  1. Hey fifikins!!!! glad to see your on a blog roll again… i agree… his name is kick ass. fi, why can’t i look like her? 😦 i tried on a pair of pants from summer the other day, and they didn’t close. ahhahahah so bad. i need to be a hot mama one day, like her… gosh, some are so blessed! and how is the cape? you need me to visit yet?

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