Right, since there are soooo many skin types and tones, we can all agree that a makeup artist cannot fit products for each and every type of skin out there!  However, you can narrow it down to an oily foundation and a water based one.  Skin issues should be dealt by a dermatologist.  Don’t expect a MUA to sort a skin ‘issue’ out with a brush stroke.  If you suffer from eczema or acne, I advise you to go to a doctor or dermatologist to deal with it.  However, if you are shy or self-conscious about having acne or scars, DON’T BE!  Artists do not sit there thinking how bad your skin looks, or how gross it is!  (Which it isn’t)  an artist enjoys the challenge of wanting to enhance your beauty despite your temporary problem.


I grew up with a very bad skin, and I now have scars.  So when I have to apply makeup on a girl with bad skin, I don’t feel bad at all.  I went through the same thing. Remember that a lot of makeup artists might have had bad skin and therefore wanted to become artists to help those in ‘need’.


 *  If you are using an oil based moisturizer, it won’t mix with a water-based foundation.

*  So check your moisturizer, concealer and foundation to make sure they’re not contradicting one another, which will ultimately defeat the purpose.  This is the main reason your makeup won’t last.

*  Use a pH balanced cleanser.

*  Use a toner if you have an oily skin as it removes most of the sebum.  If your toner leaves a layer of residue, ditch it.

*  Moisturize or use a primer, but remember that both at the same time is not needed.   If your face has layers of cream even before your makeup application has even started, your makeup will slide right off.

*  Don’t moisturize your eyelids!

*  If you need to cleanse your face and no cleanser or toner is in sight, use alcohol-free and perfume-free baby wipes.  They don’t leave a creamy residue on your skin.



 *  The eyelids are actually one of the most oiliest parts of your face.  This is the reason you get that oil line on your eyelids after a few hours.

*  Use a primer for eyelids.  I have one from Catrice.  Its a cream but once you lightly rub it on your lids, it turns into a powdery consistency.

*  Before any makeup application, cleanse your lids with an oil free cleanser and remember not to moisturize afterwards.

*  You should apply foundation onto your eyelids, especially if its water based, this is to give you a neutral canvas to start with.   Since most foundations have moisturizer, no other moisturizer is needed!

*  Lightly powder lids with translucent powder.  Normal loose powder may be too cakey.  Otherwise, ‘dilute’ a bit of loose powder with baby powder.


Now you can start with your eyeshadow application!

Hope this post helps you if you’re a newbie to makeup or just need to refresh your memory.  




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