Items I can’t live without: Revlon MaXfactor False lash effect mascara

Hello poutlings!

Hope you are all winding down to the weekend.

I just wanna pop in quickly, and tell you all about a little lovely addition I have in my makeup kit.

Meet the wonderful Revlon Maxfactor False lash effect mascara.


Now, it’s not new on the market, in fact it was launched in 2008. But I do keep going back to buy some for myself.

Now, the tube is oddly shaped, or ergo dynamic, the brush is not the normal tiny bristled one, it’s purple and thick and rubberey short bristles, but why do i love this product? Since I’ve started using it in 2008, I’ve never had a tube clump up on me, it goes on smoothly, so when you apply more than 1 layer you don’t have to worry about spiders legs lashes.


Or maybe I’m just lucky, but I really won’t go anywhere without this, and yes, waterproof on both black and brown is always a winner. As Fi said, those brides cry a lot, so a waterproof mascara is a good thing to have around.

Have a pouty perfect weekend readers!



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2 responses to “Items I can’t live without: Revlon MaXfactor False lash effect mascara

  1. I totally don’t support max factor. They test on animals.

  2. Melissa | Weekly Budget

    This is my go-to mascara. I’d be lost without it as it’s the only one that I’ve tried that doesn’t go all clumpy or spidery when I use it.

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