Your eyebrows shape your face!  Your face without makeup is a blank canvas, with makeup its an art piece, and your brows (and of course your hair) is what frames the artwork!

 There are a few things to keep in mind when you want to shape your brows.  The color, the thickness, the arch.

If you’re a model, know this;  most MUA’s and photographers  cast models for high-end fashion shoots according to their eyebrows.

You will never have a successful sexy, glamorous or pin-up effect fi your brows look like furry friends.

However, OVER PLUCKED eyebrows are even worse than too much!

Overplucked eyebrows make you look older.

Many of these MUA’s on Facebook and YouTube tweeze off all their brows to have a ‘bigger’ canvas as to apply more shadow and do more ‘art’, unfortunately, it looks horrible.

My eyebrows were recently over waxed during a facial session and I cannot wait for every hair to grow back!  When I apply makeup, I make them thicker than what they are.



OVER PLUCKED:  Over tweezed to the thinnest line.  Almost thinner than a wrinkle.

You have just aged yourself by a decade!


COMMAS:  Unattractive, the inner has a ‘dot-like’ effect which immediately thins out instead of gradually thinning out as it would naturally.

You have just made yourself look like a clown.


HIGH ARCHES:  Too high gives you the effect of looking shocked without being shocked at all.  A lot of women with ‘sleepy’ eyes do this thinking they giving their eyes a wider and more awake effect, but alas, not so.

You have just made yourself look like the “McDonalds” M.


THE DOWNHILL:  They droop down…………..

You have just made yourself look permanently sad.


THE TRIANGLE:  This happens when your ‘arch’ is happening far too soon.  Get it?  Your arch should happen on the outer 1/3 of your brow.  Not right smack in the middle.

You have just distorted your eyes and given yourself a very harsh appearance.


Look in the mirror.  Cover your brows with your index fingers and then take them away, if:

Your face look better with your fingers, have them shaped by a pro.  Key word, PRO!


Everyone has different  noses, so the imaginary line  must follow the natural line of the outer bridge of your nose.  This line is where the first of your brow hairs should start.

From that bridge line, draw a line that passes along the outer rim of your pupil and upwards.  This is where the highest point of your arch will be happening.  Remember the arch should not be in the centre of the brow, but should rather be off centered.  This will ensure you have a ‘sexy’ look.

And now, draw a line tot the outer corner of your eye.  This is where your brow should end.


Brow bleaching should not be done at home and only be done in a salon!  Should only be done by an experienced hairdresser or beautician!  Since you want a chemical so close to your eye, I suggest you have a pro do it.  Why would you want to lighten your brows?  Well, it will alleviate that harsh look you may have.  Remember if you had very dark hair, and now you have blonde, softening the color of your brows may help you look ‘normal’!  If the two colors from you hair and brows are too different, you may end up looking odd.  Same applies if it’s the other way around.


1)  Brows must suit your facial shape and therefore shape it with those imaginary nose lines.

2)  TRIM any extra long hairs instead of just tweezing them.

3)  Always check your eyebrows from the sides.  Use two mirrors to view the profile of your brows.

4)  Suit your brow pencil to your brow color and not your hair color.

5)  If you lighten your hair on your head, lighten your brows.  Same applies when you darken your hair.

6)  Use mascaras to quickly change the colors of your brows as a quick fix.

7)  Don’t wax your brows a day before an important event.  As a layer of skin get ripped off (that’s putting it not so mildly haha) and prevents makeup from sticking to it.

8)  Thicker brows gives you a younger look, but remember to trim it at the very least.

9)  Brush them.  If they’re neat, they’ll look hot.

10)  Go check in the mirror now! What do you see? 

There are many posts about ‘the wrong’ or ‘WTF’ eyebrows, but I hope this one helps you in shaping your own or those of your clients.  Research eyebrows, see whats considered good and bad.  Get an eye for it before you practice on someone.  And remember to pluck little by little.  Check and if need be, pluck again.  Stand back and look at your face as a whole, if you’re too close to the mirror you won’t see the full effect.



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