So what would you do if you had $100-grand?

What would you spend it on?  Would you help out someone in need?  Donate to your charity of choice?  Go shopping?  How about burn and fashionably torture a Birkin Hermes handbag?

 Yes, you read that right.  

 In the world of art, people come up with the ‘weirdest’ ways of expressing their art.  In this instance, Clint Eastwoods daughter Francesca Eastwood did just that.  Well, not her herself, but her boyfriend.  Tyler Shields is known as a ‘provocateur du jour’.  He was the photographer behind the topless meat-eating Mischa Barton, knife wielding Lindsay Lohan and a tied up in a domestic abuse like setting with “Glee” star Heather Morris.  

(Personally, I find these so-called works of photographic art disturbing.  Anyone who thinks photos which have blood in it, knives, weapons or death, needs some serious help! It’s not artsy, it’s just attention seeking, in a distasteful way!  It’s like you can’t get attention with your personality and so this is what the artist and ‘models’ resort to for attention and then call it art.)  

Tyler Shields’ latest work of art, which  has most people talking, is this one of the  fashion-torture-slaying-murder of a  Hermes Birkin handbag, which is worth a measly $100 000,00!!!

  “the red Crocodile Birkin vs. the red $200 chainsaw and $4 of gasoline”

On The Fashion Police show, Francesca was explaining the whole story behind the so-called art, but has since then been highly criticized regardless her explanation.  Even George Kotsiopoulos (Fashion Police)  said he could have given that money to a charity which he is part of.

The whole burning of this bag was documented on her reality show called Mrs. Eastwood & Company, which debuted on E! on the 20th May.

Tyler explained the whole thing as a “Destruction is a beautiful version of freedom” on his blog.  He also said; “People spend 200k on an album cover, they spend millions on catering for movies, they spend money to create things – this is all I am doing with this.”

“For all the people who hate it, I get the same amount of emails from people who love it.  Art is there for you to decide – you either get it, love it and embrace it or you hate it – and most people decide in 10 seconds.”

Right, so I watched Fashion Police and Francesca basically says its showing people how much they value ‘things’ and that we shouldn’t take ‘things’ so seriously.   (Which I agree)


Everybody is making an issue about the monetary worth of it and not even mentioning the fact that its made from crocodile!  Now that cheeses me off!  A beautiful animal died, to become a handbag for a vain person (not meaning Francesca here/generally speaking.)  People tend to forget that these high-end stuff, even though very gorgeous, didn’t come from a place of happiness, cupcakes and rainbows.  There was actual blood shed for this!  As if it’s not enough that it was killed, it still got ‘wasted’ if you get what I mean.


 I get what he did…. Well, it’s what I understand or want to make out of it I guess.  People put SO much value on BAGS, SHOES, MAKEUP, FASHION ITEMS, LOOKS, VANITY, CELEBS, TV, STUFF, etc….  Its somewhat of a wakeup call to people actually.  At the end of the day, when we die, these things which we as a society have put so much value on, will not go with us.  Look I know many of us could do with a hundred grand.  I get that, but we can also complain about other stuff that is worse than what happened here.  I could get really deep into this, which I won’t, it will only turn into a political and religious post. 

 What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear from you.

Images:  TylerShields.com




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6 responses to “$100 000.00 HERMES BIRKIN BAG – BURNED TO DEATH

  1. Why couldn’t he just use a cheap knockoff? Problem solved… for all we know it WAS a cheap knockoff and he’s just saying it was Hermes for the attention? I dunno… my thoughts are mixed on this too

    • That would go and defeat the purpose actually… They don’t add value to something others do.. I’ve been in a hermes store. I’ve seen those bags. Its very interesting. If it were a knock off, it wouldn’t get attention. Xx

  2. I agree with you 110%!!!
    After this post and my Lindsay Lohan post, I think people lack creativity for ways to get attention and I think they do the most ‘outrageous’ things to get attention. Look at Marinda’s barbie girl post, shocking and disturbing things seem to get people talking, I don’t believe it looks resembles art in any way, but because someone says its ART means the general masses believe it is? Simply because ART has been used as an excuse for MANY MANY things to make them ‘politically correct’. I’m not sure if that makes sense, it does in my head, and well if it doesn’t make sense them I’m being artistic in expressing my thoughts…. bwahaha.
    However, on a more serious note, sometimes I wonder how much faith we should have in the human race…

    • Love your comment Fi. I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. All that I know is that I flippen feel like all bran flakes compared to some people. I’m bloody balanced. Haha. Yeah the “art” thing pisses me off, not in this instance so much. I’ve seen worse. His previous work with Lindsay and the others is far worse. I mean he influences people with his death wish nonsense crap. Anyone who wants to do an “art shoot” which had a violent or suicidal hint to it has totally no respect towards people fighting real demons. Ai.anyway, I don’t see the bug hooha about the actual bag. I get what the whole thing was. People do idolize STUFF… Just upset coz it was crocodile. I’m sorry if I always come off across as a in your face animal activist. Xx

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