Barbie Girls, Barbie Girls Everywhere

Heya Pouters!

So a few days ago I posted about the freakish Valeria Lukyanova, the real-life barbie doll who had undergone several surgeries to look like Barbie (Read it here: and thought it was quite strange that somebody would do that, but it turns out Valeria isn’t the only girl obsessed with looking “perfectly plastic”. Turns out quite a lot of girls are undergoing surgery or doing dramatic makeovers to look like dolls nowadays.

So my dear Pouters, meet the plastics:

Olga Oleynik

Dominika Elsandio (I’m not sure if this is also Olga Oleynik or not as they look similar)

Dakota Rose

Wang Jiayun

Charlotte Hothman

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Lin Ke Tong

Venus Palermo

Анжелика Кенова

Heidi Montag

Jenny Lee

Princess Nudy

Do you think these girls have been surgically enhanced? Some have obviously been photoshopped while others look like they naturally have big Puss-in-Boots-style eyes and the doll-like appearance and makeup has helped them enhanced their features. So, do you girls think the doll look is a yay or a nay?

I’d have to admit when it’s done in a subtle manner with makeup like Michelle Phan does it, it looks AH-MA-ZING… but not when you’ve spent millions on plastic surgery only to end up looking like a Donatella Versace (*cough* Jenny Lee  *cough*  Heidi Montag *cough*).

Anyway my darling pouters, have a lovely hump day further!

♥ Marinda Liza♥


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5 responses to “Barbie Girls, Barbie Girls Everywhere

  1. I knew about Valeria about a year ago. I kinda like it. Haha

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  5. val

    ok that’s stupid princess nudy is a kind of circle lens not a person name and Charlotte Hothman, Heidi Montag and Jenny Lee just look like cheap whores not dolls or barbies.

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