Lindsay Lohan has done it again, and creeped me out…

Heya Pouters

Lindsay Lohan, has done a really interesting photoshoot, just to clarify by interesting, I do not mean that it is a “wow, awesome” sort of photoshoot, rather a “wow, this is really effing weird and kind of sad and it makes me feel uncomfortable kind of photoshoot“.

In her latest photoshoot with Terry Richardson, we get to see Lindsay loading a gun, holding it to her head, holding it under her chin, and putting it in her mouth, all while looking like she is going to burst into tears. We also get to see her smoking a lot, what’s new, and posing in various minimal clothing but I feel like the gun in the images is supposed to be focus here, so much that Terry Richardson removed them from his site. His choice of model for this is a good idea, bearing in mind how much of troubled soul Lindsay Lohan is, and these images bear a constant reminder that she is so troubled.

I don’t even know what to think… These images just feel so creepy and incredibly wrong to me, almost a mockery of the suicide part. I get that there is something “artistic” in death, but for the purpose of this post, more so suicide and hence why so many people try to portray it in various ways be it painting, songs, drawings, sadly photo shoots that are always poorly pulled off.

Just like these images, I don’t see much ART going on here, and yes, don’t get me started, art is supposed to provoke an emotion and make people think twice, I am aware of this, I know it all too well, however – I do not see how the way these images have been posed and/or captured artistically apart from Linday portraying SOME emotion in a few shots, apart from that, they just look cheap to me. So, maybe it is art, as its caused me to write an entire blog about them, but I just do not see it as art, or even remotely artistic.

Dont even get me started on this image above. But really, if I have to see Lindsay Lohan modelling, I’d at least like to see her doing something a little more fashionable, or artistic than hanging out of a hotel room with a gun in her hand… or is that just me?



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8 responses to “Lindsay Lohan has done it again, and creeped me out…

  1. Prince Adrian

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    Lindsay Lohan has done it again. And this time, she creeped the hell out of me.

  2. So, was the photographer her little sister? Coz it looks like she did some coke and decided it would be a good idea to take some pics in her hotel room. It would be artistic if she had the right photographer, but yea it does just look cheap and random. For the cash she makes I’d have expected a wee bit more…

  3. EXCUSE ME!!!! But Terry Richardson is an absolute AMAZING photographer!

    As for the images, Fi was/is there a background story to the photo shoot/images?
    I would love to know what the motivation behind these are/were,
    Terry really is a great photographer and wouldn’t go about saying the images are bad, but the concept of the shoot, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as the first few pretty much contradicts the last few.

    The shoot was taken in Black and white as you can see not to much editing is done and well can’t exactly convert to color then, I rate if some of these where in color maybe it would capture the so called “Artistic” side more.

    Just my 2cents 🙂

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