Weekend Crush: A Tribute to Jenna Marbles

Hi there Pouting Peeps!

So I’m taking this opportunity to introduce you to my favourite person on youtube EVER!!!

Her name is Jenna Mourey, better known under her pseudonym Jenna Marbles.

She is a pretty blonde sports counsellor from New York with a potty mouth and 2 adorable dogs called Kermit and Mr Marbles (who feature in her videos). She gained instant fame when her video “How to Trick People into thinking you’re really good looking” got 5.3 million views in its first week.

You don’t understand, I have never loved someone on the internet as much as I adore this girl. She is friggin hilarious and every Wednesday she manages to outdo herself when she uploads new videos.

Her videos have titles like “How To Avoid Talking To ppl You Don’t Want To Talk To”, “Drunk Makeup Tutorial”, “What Girls Think About During Sex” and “How to Talk to Animals”, that alone should make you wanna watch her!

She does funny voices, pokes fun at celebrities, acts drunk, says crazy crap and has dressed up like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Blake and Adele (and others) for her videos.

Oh yea and did I mention this girl is HOT??!!

Some girls just have it all!

But before you hate, check out her channel and tell me if you’ve also fallen in love with this girl.


Oh and here’s one of my favourites, just because:

Happy Saturday Pouting Darlings

♥ Marinda Liza ♥


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2 responses to “Weekend Crush: A Tribute to Jenna Marbles

  1. I watch her Wednesday shows religiously. Love her!

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