♥Hello Kitty’s Beauty Spa♥

 I know a good couple of girls who are going to be very excited about this!

 The Hello Kitty company have opened its first spa, which offers treatments such as massages to ‘kitty-cures’ (manicure).  Their website describes the experience as a…

“Destination that denies exclusive posh pampering – we’re all about sugar, spice and everything incredibly nice!”

 Located in Jumeriah town centre Dubai, is hoping got attract women from all ages.  (In other Sandylash terms:  kittens, cats to cougars).  Grading treatments as ‘queen’ and ‘princess’.

 The spa, which is in DUBAI, designed by JAPANESE Miyuki Okumura has a PARISIAN interior.  Talk about a culture shock, which in my opinion works perfectly!  They have moved from being a product targeted for children and stepping into the world of real fashion and cosmetics.  

 They own a range of nail polishes and have already collaborated with cosmetic house MAC.  Seeing as they already have items like clothes, jewelry, toys and even tv shows, I doubt this is a precept for disaster.  The who’s who will want to brag about being to this spa for sure.  I don’t blame them, I guess it’s a time to feel really girly.  Purred upon by an Arab beautician  in a Parisian setting!  Who doesn’t want that? 

 Who knows, the Hello Kitty spa might catch on to places in Sandton, Hyde Park or even Woodlands mall?  

Oh, and if you’re wondering.  They claim to be cruelty free! Yay!

Would  you go to this purrrr-fect pawadice for a beauty session?  It’s not like I’m itching to go (since it’s über far), but I wouldn’t refuse a beauty trip there either. xx




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  1. its really undeniably cute but in all honesty, when I go to Dubai again I want to shop… and shop some more until I drop, not sure if I’d want to go there for a few reasons, there are puuuur-fectly good spas everywhere and secodnly because its now Hello Kitty! is it going to be incredibly over priced? I’d assume so, but then again I don’t know 🙂
    Wow, I’m all for brand marketing and such but it seems a bit hectic in terms of promoting Hello Kitty! But, again I’ve never been a huge fan of Hello Kitty either, so I don’t know. I’m indifferent. Its cool. But… Its just… I don’t know…. :/
    Love the post though my darling! xxx

  2. This too cute!!! So girly girl… I have never seen anything like it… Love it!


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