The TomKat Split

Hello Pouters!

So, I’m sure you were all just as shocked at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ split as I was *insert sarcastic laugh here*, and wondered what could have possibly been the final nail in the coffin for their disaster of a marriage to begin with.

According to sources, Katie filed for divorce on account of Suri’s future and is the cause for “irreconcilable differences” . “This is not what Katie wants for Suri and she has told her attorneys that Tom was unmovable on the issue. This divorce has nothing to do with money or anything else. It’s all about her little girl’s future,” said a source.

In all honesty, the pairing has been a disaster from the start. It all began when Katie was asked in an interview with Seventeen Magazine who her dream man was and she told them it was Tom Cruise. They were so madly in love when they met that Tom was jumping on Oprah’s couch and Katie was all gushy.  “I’ve found the man of my dreams,” she told W magazine at one stage even, “From the moment I met him, it just felt like I’d known him forever. I was blown away. He’s the most incredible man. He’s so generous and kind, and he helps so many people, and, um, he makes me laugh like I’ve never laughed, and he’s a great friend.”

It’s so sad actually that only after 5 years, they are history, but alas, you can’t live in a fairytale forever, especially if that fairytale includes weird Scientology rituals and a psycho for a husband.

 There are some rumours that Katie had signed a “contract” with the Church of Scientology when she got married to Tom that bounded her to him for 5 years.  Apparently their marriage was a minimum five-year contract, according to Andrew Morton (the guy who wrote Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography). Katie allegedly received $3 million for every year of service, in addition to big bonuses for every child she gave birth to. Originally, Katie was supposed to give birth to “an heir and a spare.”


I don’t know how the girl could set herself up for something like that in the first place, but if it is in fact true it must have been pure hell!

Glowing, full of smiles and healthy – Katie before she met Tom
Thin, haggard and (after the divorce was finalised) smiling again.

According to

Katie saw what happened when Tom and Nicole Kidman divorced — and there’s NO way she’s letting Tom solely raise Suri, like he did with his and Nicole’s adopted kids, Bella and Connor!

“Bella and Connor are devoted to their father and Scientology, and Katie saw this firsthand, and this is one of the reasons she filed for sole custody. Katie will not be relegated to a secondary role in her daughter’s life, period, and she is prepared to fight Tom in court. Katie isn’t going to back down, and she will do whatever it takes to ensure that she raises Suri herself.”

Good for her!

So alas, the madness that is TomKat is over and I’m sure nobody is happier than Katie Holmes herself!

Katie taking Suri for an ice cream on Tom’s birthday on Tuesday, smiling and playing

Have a super fab Thursday further my pouting dearies!

♥ Marinda Liza ♥


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7 responses to “The TomKat Split

  1. I think she actually looks way better since being with him. Before she was a little girl. He made her a woman. Well. Being with him made her grow up quickly. Oh well I do think he is wack and it’s a good thing they’re not together. But flip. Celebs must STOP declaring their love for someone publicly. It never lasts in Hollywood.

  2. I’m so like, WHATEVER, on them being hit by the divorce truck… I’m sure the truth will come out eventually from the horses mouths themselves, its like “meh” to me… haha

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