Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama COLLABORATION!!

Heya Poutlings!

For a long time now I’ve been fascinated and somewhat amazed with the art and life of Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese artist who has repetively made polka dot art for the last forty years. She is now 83 years old.

You read that right.

Forty years.

As in 40 years.

Almost twice my age.


It seems that Louis Vuitton shares my interest too, and has released images of its collection inspired by Yayoi Kusama.

Unfortunately for us Africans, the collection is ONLY available in a few “choice” spots – it is popping up in Louis Vuitton’s New York City store from the beginning of this week and it will also be found at Printemps flagship in Paris and Selfridges in London.

A second collection on Yayoi Kusama’s pieces based on her “nerves” work, will be out in the northern hemisphere Autum, our spring this year.

My favourite look of infamous polka dot has to be the cute little hand bags and the raincoats come in second… What about you?



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3 responses to “Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama COLLABORATION!!

  1. LOVE it! My sister was in new York now. Wonder if she will get one.

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