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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Alternative modelling is a branch of the modelling industry that features models who do not conform to the mainstream ideals of beauty. Alternative models are often niche-specific, with a personal style that represents subcultures like goth, burlesque, latex and fetishism. An alternative model may for example be tattooed, pierced, or have distinctively subcultural hair (shaved, dyed a distinctively unnatural colour, mohawk, or in dreadlocks)

Alternative models can be clothed or unclothed.

Alternative modelling was given substantial mainstream media coverage in the last decade, partly through the creation and popularisation of community-based alternative modelling sites, like Godsgirls, SuicideGirls and BlueBlood.

Alternative model: M!ss Ameerah

Personally I think she makes a pretty commercial model too (Second image)

Alternative modelling community sites promoted their models for their personality as well as for their look and portfolio.

So as you can see according to google-Wikipedia an “Alternative model” is a female/male with tattoo’s, piercing, and hair that does not get accepted in the mainstream “Community” According to my ability to read I can’t recall it stating ANYWHERE that “Alternative modelling” consists of “Themed shoots” or “Anything/everything the norm would NOT do”.

As a model in the Commercial industry as well as an “ex Alternative model” (If I may) I would like to share my in’s and out’s as well as pretty much just my 2cents on Modelling as well as Alternative modelling.

But let me start of by introducing myself.

I am Lady_HellFire, Better knows as Hesmarie or Hesmarie Hellfire I am a model and have been in the industry for +-13 years where I have done ramp, beauty pageants, photographic modelling as well as teach a few classes at “model finishing school” when I was younger. I will be posting for pout Perfection about the modelling industry as well as the safety and dangers the industry holds. If you do not agree with me on things, please be as kind as to share your opinion, I really do enjoy having a good old debate from time to time 😛

So my first blog will be about “Alternative Modelling” as you can see.

The majority of people’s concept of an “Alternative” model is the fact that he/she has piercings or tattoo’s or even some funky hair-style, which according to Wikipedia is correct.

But in my personal opinion modelling and acting goes hand-in-hand so why the different genre’s of modelling as a model you should be able to be versatile, should be able to portray what is expected of you in front of the lens, so I think if you are a Great model you should be able to slap on some fake tats a clip on nose ring and some wacky hair do and be able to pull off the “Alternative” style of modelling just as if you are classified as an “Alternative” model if you are a good model you should be able to pull of a commercial look when required.

Your thoughts on the image above, commercial or alternative?

I honestly think the fact that every second girl who has a friend with an expensive camera and some nice unedited pictures with “Artistic” angles who classifies herself as a model due to having a facebook page with “fans” should have a look into the industry, because it’s NOT that easy and it’s not all that glamorous either, you are not a model if not qualified so being an “Alternative” model does not make you one either, its become a gate way for attention. Again in my opinion 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts and input on the subject?

Much love.




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6 responses to “Alternative Model(s)

  1. I’m glad you’ve brought Alt Modelling to the table since it’s so “secret” in this little conservative little country, but honestly alternative modelling isn’t just about being more “artsy” or “different” than commercial models, it’s about not conforming to everyday means of beauty. You will never see a girl that is 5 tf 1 (like me) becoming a commercial model simply because I’m too short, you will never see an alternative model who isn’t a skinny Minnie (again, like me) become a commercial model because there is (and always will be) a weight restriction. Also, at the end of the day models like Hex Hypoxia could never be considered commercial because her body is unique, her look is eccentric and her style is just downright not what people consider “normal”. I personally do alternative modelling because I enjoy being different and doing it brings me a lot of happiness and if I happen to make “fans” through it because I do something I enjoy, then so be it. I find commercial modelling to be a bore and all FHM models start to look the same to me because it’s the same shit. Alternative modelling is like candy to my eyes, fun and exciting to look at. Just my opinion, take it or leave it Xx

  2. I however beg to differ 🙂
    I am a signed model and my agency consists of plus size models, short, tall skinny, Flaming read hair and what not. So i rate the “Not conforming” is just an excuse, no offense (Again my opinion).

    We are all entitled to our opinions and i’m sure i’ll probably receive a great deal of “hate” due to this, but when you do think about it, there is no point of putting a genre to modelling.


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