Movie Review: Snow white and the Huntsman

Hello poutlings!

A few weeks ago my best friend I decided to have a bit of a ladies night, so we went to go see “Snow white and the Huntsman”


Righto, so here’s your cast…

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Charlize Theron as the evil witch

Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman (yummo)

Sam Claflin as the charming Prince

Righto, so you expect the movie to start as fairy tale does.. and guess what… it does… Snow White plays around in the garden with the prince, and he plays her a fool with an apple.  Then the queen gets sick and passes away, and the King grieves. And out of no where some mystic dark army appears, and the grieving King goes into battle. Defeating the dark army, they come across a carriage, and behold inside, the pure and beautiful bitch I mean, Charlize.

So dear king falls in love, instantly, ah a true faery tale. They get married and yes… as most women are… she rips out his heart on their consummation night… well ok, i mean she actually just stabbed the King in the heart and he died.  She locks poor Snow White up in the dungeon and goes on ravaging the kingdom, and sucking the life out of all the pretty girls… literally…

The Queen sucking the life out a beautiful young girl, while her perverted brother watches in the backgruond.

So ona an on she goes, ravaging the kingdom, until there are almost no more pretty girls left, when one day she speaks to her crazy mirror, who tells her that Snow White has come of age, and is now prettier than her.

Oh but of course that cannot be allowed so she she sends her perverted brother to go get Snow White, so she can eat her heart… sick man…

“Oh no! There’s someone prettier than me?!”

So by some sweet miracle and the help from a bird, Bella Kirsten escapes from the dungeon, and from the palace and off she goes trotting into the woods. Which for some reason feeds on her fears and tries to kill her with trees and …gas .. so she passes out on the ground again… I wonder if they somehow couldn’t help not to duplicate a scene that sortof similar to the one where Bella was abandoned by Edward in New Moon ….

Bella sleeping in the forest. I guess the ground covering was nice and soft at least.

Then of course the dear Queen proceeds to get the Huntsman, bats her lashes and makes all kinds of promises to him, if he brings her “the girl who is of no importance to him” . So off he trots to the forest with a few men, and KAPOW!

Now I could go on and on and tell how it goes, but i won’t. The thing is, if you have seen the Twilight movies, don’t be surprised of most or all of this movie, seems to be the same. Kirsten has the same facial expression through 90% of the movie, although she played her role quite well, and Ms Theron played her role absolutely marvelous, i dare say she made an excellent witch. Some of the most serious parts of the movie, for some reason made me burst out in a fit of laughter. Overall, it was a good movie and nice to relax for a change, the outfits and settings were bloody well done.

Do tell us what your thoughts were and have a pouty perfect day!


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5 responses to “Movie Review: Snow white and the Huntsman

  1. I WANNA WATCH IT, JUST FOR CHARLIZE. I think she is way better than Kirsten regarding acting. yay!

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  3. NFNTstudios

    oh I do agree Sandy. She did an awesome job at playing the wicked witch.

  4. Hahaha love your attitude in this review “Oh no someone is prettier than me” hahaha! I agree, if it wasn’t for Charlz, it’d been a shitty movie 🙂

  5. Joana Sa

    kirsten stewart looks really great on the movie Snow White and the Huntstman. she is really beautiful and i love her.

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