Weekend Series Crush: Once Upon A Time

Hey gorgeous poutlings,

Hope all of our ladies had a fantabulous Womens Day yesterday!

I spent my day in bed with hot chocolate watching my new favourite series “Once Upon a Time”.

What is that you ask?

Well I didn’t know about it at first – not being much of a TV fanatic – until my sister brought me the DVD and told me that if I didn’t watch it, she’d cut my eyeballs out – totally kidding!

She did, however, tell me it was the cutest series she’d ever seen and although I only watched up until Episode 12, I’m hooked. Now I sit here at work fantasizing about the show and what on earth is going to happen next. It’s like my addiction to chocolate and it’s totally unavoidable.

The first Season (and only season so far), starts off with The Evil Queen of the fairytale-world interrupting Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding and announces that she will put a curse on every character so that she is the only one with a happy ending.

The Evil Queen then goes about putting a curse on the fairytale-world, sending them to the real world (our world) and they have no idea that they are fairytale characters. Then, when the Evil Queen’s adopted son Henry gets handed a fairytale book by his teacher Mary Margaret (who happens to be Snow White in the fairytale world), he believes the fact that they are all characters from the book and that his birth mother, troubled 28 year old Emma Stone from Boston, is the saviour that will send them all back to where they belong.

In each episode we are told a story of what has happened to each of the characters and you figure out something new of the characters you grew up knowing and loving, like; Why is Rumplestilskin so devious? Why is Red Riding Hood suddenly so slutty? Why does the Evil Queen hate Snow White so much? And who is this Emma Stone anyway?

Do yourself a favour and make sure you get the DVD soon!

Have a lovely weekend poutlings…

♥Marinda Liza♥


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14 responses to “Weekend Series Crush: Once Upon A Time

  1. ooooooh, i’m so downloading this! it sounds awesome! thank you for sharing!

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  3. The chick in pic five. “snow white” has the weirdest face in that pic. Was she bliksemed? Is she swollen on the right side? Thats all I can think about. Maybe one day I’ll get over her face and watch it.

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