Hello Pouters!

How you? 🙂 I’m feeling vile, I have the flu! It’s been yonks since I’ve had it. Must be my fault! Haven’t been drinking my lemon, cayenne, cinnamon and ginger potion on a daily basis. I usually drink it everyday. This time I didn’t for a few weeks, and voila! I won the flu! Anyway…

This is far from all the INGLOT makeup I have, but I just thought I’d show you which items I absolutely love.

I hope you readers aren’t sick of hearing about my love for INGLOT. But their makeup is seriously wonderful. The pigments are just wow. This past weekend I had to makeup four models for a shoot. Once I get the photos I’ll upload them for you to see. Themes were KABUKI, CAMO, SOUTH-AFRICAN FLAG AND BUBBLES. Anyway, point being I used ALL my INTLOT makeup and of course the M.A.C, Kryolan and Catrice cosmetics.

In the next few pictures, you’ll see the intensity of the colors.







INGLOT sells a disinfectant spray that  I totally love. You spritz on the disinfectant onto the makeup brushes when using it on clients. Of course I wash my brushes and try to use a clean set in each model, but sometimes you need a quick blending brush from the previous model. That’s what the spray is for. Love it!

The pigments are to die for. Mix it with some water on the lid and you’ll have a “paint like” consistency. It sticks!

Their concealers, foundations and loose powders come in such a variety and is super smooth on the skin.

I think what I love most, is the fact their eyeshadow pallets are magnetic. Once it’s empty, just refill!

Oh and don’t get me started with their lipglosses and lipsticks!

INGLOT Sandton is one of my favorite stores to visit for my cosmetic fix. You know when you test an eyeshadow tester by swabbing it with your finger and the color looks different from the shadow to your finger? Well, with INGLOT, it doesn’t do that. The color is still as intense after you’ve applied it or ran your finger tip over it.



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  1. i love love love inglot and its affordable too!! 🙂

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