In love with Coloured Skinnies

*Poutlings* I have a new obsession………….



Walking through the stores lately and seeing something as simple as coloured jeans, how bright and amazing the world seems to be simply because of coloured jeans, it’s amazing!

Being a girl whose never been to adventurous with clothing (especially colour), I have fallen in love with coloured skinnies.

I have seen so many girls ROCKING this colourful look, whether with a flirty pair of pumps or sultry heels, they can be dressed up or down. Another amazing fashion idea!


With summer around the corner in South Africa, with a country as beautiful of ours, these colour skinnies, only make it more beautiful!

So let’s get colourful Poutlings!




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4 responses to “In love with Coloured Skinnies

  1. I love it when women who are figure appropriate wear them, I don’t believe I can pull it off – and most certainly THEY ARE NOT FOR MEN TO WEAR! The “boys” need some “room to breathe” wahahaha 🙂

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