Anna Wintour Shared Her Very Own Vogue Story

Hiya Poutlings

Anna Wintour has took to Vogue’s Internet presence on the evening of the magazines 120th anniversary, last week Tuesday (14/08/2012) to have some nostalgic moments of the begginings of being editor, and also to divulge a little secret with the world…

 Her first cover.

Vogue Cover November 1988 featuring model: Michaela Bercu, photographed by: Peter Lindbergh and styled by: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

November 1988, brought forward a fresh unchartered frontier at Vogue, unlike the brief of any past versions, for those of you who are unaware, a model wearing jeans on the cover of the most gradiose magazine was a very new concept and it reinforced that Anna Wintour wasn’t one to hesistate in revolutinizing the standard of the magazine to something even more mind blowing.

Anna Wintour

I must admit that I was  suprised by Anna’s positive attitude towards causing havoc in the halls of couture and embracing a model that didn’t fit in a sample size (well, at that very moment, for what it is worth.)


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