Happy Monday Peeps!

Ok. So I want to share a secret with you. I Sandy, for years have had MAJOR problems with my leg hair! Being Portuguese I naturally have thick and dark hair. Funnily enough, only on my legs and not on the rest of my body.

I’ve never had a problem with my arms, back or even facial hair. Thank the good Lord! However, shaving has been a constant problem. I would constantly get rashes, sores, ingrown hairs etc. It’s really bad. I have to shave daily and even then they aren’t smooth. If I sneeze or get goose bumps, then they pop out again.

Have I found a solution to my problem? Well, waxing helps. The only issue with waxing is that you sometimes miss appointments and then you shave again so on and so forth.

But I must admit. Last couple of months my legs are happy. Hardly any rashes, ingrowths and the hair is coming out thinner and lighter. And this is all thanks to ……….


This thing has saved my limb life! Gerrie, from CLASSIC TOUCH SALON Thabazimbi link told me about it when she was waxing my legs one day and I’m happy she did.
Here is a picture showing you everything that comes in the BRAUN SILK-EPIL 7 box.

The epilator, a bag, 3 attachments for various areas, a little cleaning brush, cooling wipes and a charger attachment.

Ok, so before you go get one there are a few things to take into consideration.

1) Even though the epilator can be used with water, you cannot disperse the whole thing under water.
2) The “pain” is less when you use it with water and soap.
3) By “pain” I mean that, the shorter your hair, the better it feels. Don’t epilate your hair if the hairs are long. Then it will hurt.
4) Basically, an epilator is basically a rotating tweezer. It has 40 tweezers. It rotates really fast which yanks out the hairs. It’s like shaving but on roids! Plus it takes out the hair from the root like waxing. It really works and I love it.
5) I did try once using it under my arms and I SCREAMED like a girl. That’s a no go zone for me.
6) Regarding the bikini area. I do use it to neaten it all, that’s ok. But a good tip is, the shorter the hair, the less the pain. So shave once, wait for it to grow and then use your epilator. At first you will think its sore like heck, but it gets better.
7) But on the legs, it’s perfect. Even with no soap. That’s the great thing about this product. Wet and dry!
8) You can use any soap really. Plus it’s not a major issue if you don’t use the cooing wipes. I don’t.
9) You can’t use it if it’s connected to the charge wire. It’s not like a cellphone. So charge it fully and then use.
10) Its slightly noisy. Sounds like a mini garden service is happening right in your bathroom! Ok, let’s admit, it is pruning your bush area. Haha.

After each use, clean the epilator with the brush.

This attachment moves slightly, which helps on the knee area.


As you can see its got a light. It’s so sharp! As soon as you switch it on, the light goes on. No hairs can hide! The attachment on this pic is for sensitive areas. So say hello to the bikini area.

This attachment head gets all those ingrown hairs out with its rotating bristles.

I love this BRAUN EPILATOR. It really works for me and works for most women with reviews I’ve read. I got mine at DISCHEM for about R1200,00. There was one for R400,00 but I didn’t want to regret buying a cheaper one. Think if it as an investment. I’m scared I got the cheaper one and then it wouldn’t work as well and then I wouldn’t be a fan. So if you are considering getting one, go for the more expensive one.

My legs feel smooth today and I don’t regret buying this epilator! It’s perfect for traveling too.
So if you have issues with leg hairs, get an epilator! I adore mine



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  1. I also have a hairy problem. lol.
    My mum has always used ane “epilady” pretty much same thing that you have here just a lot older from the medieval times, i screamed like a little girl when I tried it. I’ve been waxing for just over 10 years. I’ve never owned a razor and i have an irriational fear of shaving because I think i will hit a main artery and die. don’t laugh, im seriaas.
    Now, since I’ve been in Cape Town I decided that I need laser, so I’m incredibly hairy awaiting my first laser appointment which is going to cost me an arm and a leg, but if I would of started years ago I would of saved a fortune on waxing. (+/- R700 per month as I wax full leg & bikini, u/w, brow, etc)

    • P.S. I went home from school one day as a little kid and asked my mum “Mummy, am I a Portugese? All the teachers are asking me” wahahaha… thats my story… 🙂

    • Haha yes. The famous epilady. That thing is wack I heard. But this braun one i really love. Oh doll. The lazer is amazing! Really. You’re gonna love it! Many ladies in my family did it. Their skin is amazingly soft! You won’t regret it. I just wouldn’t do it under my arms. It can stuff up your glands. Then again so does roll on.

      • I feel like a yeti at the moment, my eyebrows look shocking and I don’t want to be seen in public. I can go from the beginning of the month.. Yay! 😀 luckily from all the years of waxing my hair isn’t as thick as I think it would be, so hopefully my skin/hair takes the laser well and I am not one of the unlucky few 🙂

      • The darker and thicker your hair, the better for laser. It finds them better. Don’t worry doll. You’ll soon feel like a baby’s arse.

  2. Sandy, I’m afraid to admit that I have a hair problem myself. I am so glad that I found epilators. They are still painful but they have improved so much from the epilady. You are right, it works best on short hair. For me, it’s easy to maintain hair free skin by epilating a few times a month.

    • Hey Erin!

      Thanks for the feedback. Well… I LOVE my epilator. Its the best. The hairs grow back lighter, finer and softer.

      I even do it under my arms. At first I thought it was way too much to handle, but my pitties have never been happier. Haha,,


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