The Fountain of Youth: Stars That Don’t Age

Hey Poutlings!

So, as I watched the new No Doubt music video for their song Settle Down, I noticed that Gwen Stefani looked almost EXACTLY the way she looked in her music video for Hey Baby, which was released 2003 – a whopping 9 years ago!

She still looks absolutely amazing and like Gwen, many other stars have been physically stuck in their twenties – not that I think they’re complaining!

Is it a new procedure? Or do these celebrities simply have good genes? You be the judge!

Well hopefully we can all age so gracefully – here’s holding thumbs!

Have a fab Tuesday further peeps!

♥Marinda Liza♥


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11 responses to “The Fountain of Youth: Stars That Don’t Age

  1. Nora

    long live photoshop and make-up hehe

  2. These celebs probably have a combination of factors that have, let’s say, preserved their youthful looks. Some use natural methods, some probably not so much.

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