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Afternoon dear readers!

I thought I knew how wack this world was, but clearly I didn’t!

There’s is a new craze in town! BAGEL HEADS! Wtf is it? Well…..

On the show TABOO (National Geographic Channel) there will be an episode showing us normal people the latest beauty craze in Toyko. Japanese body modification has gone to new heights with this temporary bagel head look, daring to call it “art”. I will call it stupidity.

Why Japan? Why????? Why????




How does it work?
Technicians insert a needle into the forehead, then they inject 400cc of saline into the forehead to form a bubble, then his or her finger presses into the center causing an indentation which forms this “bagel” look! What for? Eff knows!

A Japanese artist named Keroppy who pioneered the “modcon” body art explained to Vice back in 2009 that it’s about innovation: “People who like extreme body modification want to find their own way of doing things, and they’re always looking for new ways to do that. The more progressive the scene gets, the more these people have to experiment and go their own way.” (Huffington Post)

Thank goodness this crap absorbs into the body after about 16 hours. 16 darn hours too long for my liking!





If only brains could be injected! No! Actually.. Inject HAPPINESS!!!! Goodness me, it looks like an arsehole on the head! I guess it’s befitting, your head has to be full of crap to do this!

Be happy without a bagel shaped head! (Then again, this could definitely feature in a HALLOWEEN post! About the only place it will look normal!)


Omg! Have a blessed bagel head free Sunday peeps!




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Kelly Osbourne is “Sorry” for her Manicure

Hiya Poutlings

The other day, I mentioned this stupid MILLION RAND MANICURE that Kelly Osbourne wore to the Emmys.

She has taken to Twitter to say that she is in fact “sorry”, but of course she’s not, because this so-called-apology is her way of telling the world that she rocked a quarter of a million dollar fucking nail polish.

Why would she go ahead and tell us this? Well, duh… because NOT everyone noticed – LAST WEEK – to begin with. Why would one endure the extravagance of a $250k worth of black diamonds if you cannot brag about it to the world?

Did anyone really notice until it was pointed out to you that her manicure was anything more than a regular OPI or Essie sparkly black?

Whatever. She “didn’t pay” for it… What I want to know is where those diamonds go when the manicure wears off? Are they removed and returned whoever the owner is (since it’s clearly not Kelly)? Does the shit just chip off leaving a trail of sparkly diamonds behind Kelly wherever she goes? Is she hoping to attract a gold-digging man, a-la-Hansel-and-Gretel with the crumbs.

Silliness…. Such silliness. The world is mad.


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Fifty Shades of Dismay

Hiya Poutlings

In case we hadn’t noticed, Hermione Granger, *ahem* I mean Emma Watson is all grown up.

Emma in Vanity Fair promoting The Perks of Being A Wallflower

After a couple of months of rumours that she’s been ALREADY been cast in the movie of Fifty Shades of Grey, it turns out that she is still mulling over swapping her broom-stick for a leather paddle and her school tie for a whole wardrobe full of different grey silk ties to play the irritatating virgin-turned-submissive, Anastatasia Steele.

But hold on your wizard hats as Emma, who is now 22 years old hasn’t had the displeasure or pleasure (depends on who you are and what your stand on well written literature is…) of reading the book so possibly she thinks it’s about some painter lacking inspiration when it comes to his colour palette.

“The thing is I haven’t read any of the books because I haven’t read a script so it’s quite difficult to know what I’m turning down potentially but I hear it’s quite raunchy.

I mean if there’s interesting character development and there’s an interesting story then I would consider it – but I haven’t been offered anything.”

This made me laugh, because in her role in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower she says she found it difficult watching the kissing scenes back.

“It’s really funny because when I watch the film back, there are a few things I can’t watch. I cant’t watch the kissing scenes”

-said the potential-50-shades-submissive-actress…

“I told the director [Stephen Chbosky] that I ahve just come from plaing Hermione Granger and you are expecting me to dance and poutting me in corsets, and it’s difficult.”

I’m not sure how she is going to take being spanked and locked up in the play room while whomever is cast as the male lead, (Robert Pattison probably) plays the piano naked with his eyes closed then….

Do you see her being able to pull such a roll off? I’m not sure. I think she could do it, but I don’t think she will…



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Soul Smile Thursday

have an amazing day


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Hiya Poutlings

Nail art has been around for a long while, but only in the past year or so has it evolved into something you were more likely to see on your cool artsy friend into a ubiquitous trend spotted on everyone from Zooey Deschanel to Beyonce.

…on the off chance you have $250,000 (roughly R1,750,000.00 – 1 million, 750 thousand SOUTH AFRICAN RANDS) you’re looking to be really careless with, and you’ve already ruled out eating it, snorting things with it and donating it to the poor, why not make like Kelly Osbourne at the Emmy’s and cash in on the Azature black diamond manicure.

Kelly Osbourne’s Nails @ The Emmys

Ladies and gentlemen of the interwebs, meet the most expensive nail polish in the world: Azature’s Black Diamond. The shimmery black formula contains 267 carats of crushed diamonds, and one bottle will cost you $250,000. The other day, I spent R200 on some Essie nail polishes and I felt a little guilty and self indulgent, so I don’t even know how to comprehend the fact that this exists.

Can you imagine, everytime you chipped your manicure on your keyboard, you’d be losing about $1,000. Talk about stressful.

What, why are you reading this blog post in that tone of voice. It is a completely reasonable and responsible way to spend your money, right?

To Kelly Osbourne’s credit, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she, being a Joan-Rivers-approved-television-personality and Famous Person, got her Black Diamond manicure for free, it is still completely and utterly fucking ridiculous. There, I said it. Now I’m more optimistic about celebrity nail news.

Apparently, Azature is designing to sell to a department store version for $25, but I think I’ll just DIY my own by shredding up some R200 notes and mixing them into a bottle of Essie and then to proceed to cry myself to sleep…You know, it is a sick, sad, world we live in, especially with $250,000 manicures and all.



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