NYFW : Sheri Hill Runway Show

Hiya Poutlings!

Are you keeping up to date with all the NYFW news? I’m trying, but my brain is being overloaded with pretty colours…

The Jenner girls made their second New York Fashion Week appearnce on Friday, and this time they were strutting their stuff on the runway… because, if they weren’t, they would have a very bad momager. Kendall, who is 16 years old and Kylie, who is 15 years old hit the catwalk for the Sherri Hill show.

The two girls have modeled for the young line before and made their runway debut for the company back in 2011.

I think they looked like living dolls in the dresses, which are youthful but sometimes a bit too provactive for “youngsters” to be wearing. I think these two girls could make really great models, its just such a pity about their relations, it also appears from the pictures I’ve seen that they sort of took over the show at the end, which is typical krapdashian style, which just grates my tits.

Promo image of the Jenners for Sherri Hill

They also posted loads of pictures on Instagram and the like, but if I had the oppurtunity to wear these dresses, especially at 15 or 16 years old I would of been doing the same.

They weren’t the only familiar faces at the show.

Hailey Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin‘s extremely gorgeous 16 year old daughter also modeled the designers clothes as high profile names like Donald Trump and Ryan Lochte watched from the front row.

Hailey Baldwin is definitely one of my new favourite young models to watch, she is absolutely stunning.

How do you think the girls did?


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