NYFW : Marc Jacobs

Hiya Poutlings…

Welly, welly, well, the one and only Mr. Marc Jacobs has taken the world on a time machine with his vision for Spring 2013 in New York.

This type of fashion at New York Fashion week makes me feel glad to be alive. Some of the coats actually made my heart beat a bit faster.

As Marc is renowned for the being the master of making-something-cool-that-you-thoight-wasn’t-cool served up a whole lot of sixties, but managed to do it without leaving your eyes feeling like they’ve been drenched in retro.

Instead, Marc Jacobs has left you, or should I say, me, wanting to look like a sixities chick with panda eyes and a Vidal Sasoon hair cut. I actually want to go back there and live it.  I really love this collection. Except for the neck ruffs. I really don’t know what the deal is with these this season, Valentino had them in his collection too.

Not only did he hit the nail on the head with the clothing but he got the vibe of his runway show down with calling up the sixties cool feel of Betty Draper, Megan Draper, Holly Golightly, Twiggy, Lulu, Mary Quant, Brigitte Bardot and even Gidget.

Normally, I would cringe at the thought of prison effect stripes and clown ruffles, but when you stand back and appreciate the bravery to so bodly and prominetly incorporate such features, you realise you’re watching the work of one of the best show men of his generation.

The man himself wore an outfit that looks like it had stepped  out of “Stayin’ Alive”.



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3 responses to “NYFW : Marc Jacobs

  1. Sigh..I’m obsessed wth Marc Jacobs lately! If only I had more money lol

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    Hey There. I found your blog using msn. I’m loving marc jacobs work lately. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

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