Movie Review: The Expendables 2

Heya poutlings,


Well, I haven’t pouted in ages, so I’ll do some catching up now.

This weekend I took a bit of a rest weekend, spent some time with friends and even manged to go watch a movie. We decided to go see “The Expendables 2”

Now of course not knowing anything about it (it was mostly the mans choice lol) and not ever seeing the first one (well not that i can remember) off we go, get some Slush Puppies… ah what are movies without slush puppies hey?


So, I thought it would be the usual …. “Skop, skiet en donner” movie with loads of crappy action and loads of … no dialogue…

Well, walking into the cinema, seeing the poster with the cast on it… boy oh boy… I was sure I was in for a treat…

So here’s your cast ….

Upon seeing this poster, I got rather excited, I mean, what could be better than all “my time” heroes in one movie? Keeping in mind how old these okes are, and I was born in the 80’s, these guys were our kind of heroes, and they still are.


So the not to give away too much info, this movie is totally action packed, it has good dialogue and yes, they even make jokes with some of the actors relating to their “famous” lines …

Sadly though, as usual, the pretty boy dies first…. awwww…..

But considering the kick ass action (and of course they had an estimated $100 million budget) and seeing the whole cinema totally glued to the screen, this movie well deserved the ovation it received from the viewers.


So do yourself a favour and go watch it over the long weekend, you have 3 days to go do something you deserve!

Otherwise wait till 20 November 2012 for the DVD/Blue Ray release.


Have a Poutastic day!



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