Vogue has Upset Multiple Women Rights Groups…

Domestic violence and women rights groups are up in arms over this latest cover of Vogue Hommes International, which they say provides a “disturbing image of glorifying violence against women as an act of love.”

Hi once again, Poutlings…

Four organazation leaders are so horrified by the cover which feautres Stephanie Seymour being apparently choked model Marlon Teixeira, that they have written to Conde Nast, the head honcho Si Newhouse and editiorial director Thomas Wallacedemanding the cover be yanked from New York news stands.

The four groups consisting of Sanctuary for Families, Safe Horizon, Equality Now and the New York Chapter wrote:

“Choking is not a fashion statement, and certainly not something that should be used to sell magazines.”

Do you think it should be pulled from the shelves? And should fashion editors be more careful about the social awareness of images they believe are artsy, but are actually sending out a damaging message to women everywhere?



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7 responses to “Vogue has Upset Multiple Women Rights Groups…

  1. I don’t agree, i don’t see this as the model chocking her but passion,
    If you look at her expression she is not stressed or in anyway being harmed. I think people should take their heads out of their butts and stop jumping on every single band wagon, open your mind and look at things in more then one aspect!
    I think this cover is hot and filled with a great deal of lust!
    But then again that is my opinion!

  2. Women’s rights groups are even more full of shit. Really. Bloody feminists. Paleeeeze. They wouldnt mind having such passion from their men, now would they? They complain coz they don’t get.

    • While I agree and understand what they are saying, they should focus more on things that really matter. One persons “art” is another persons “nightmare”…. They should put the same energy and passion into doing good and shrugging off stuff that Vogue or any other media publication does because it matters so little in the grand scale of things.
      I think Vogue must be loving the attention. Attention seeking whores. haha. Good for them.

  3. Hehe for a moment there i though you where going to say “fart” instead of nightmare 😛

    But yes i completely agree there is so much more they could do, like help round up all the woman in deserted kitchens and take them to new ones 😛 I joke 😉

    On a serious note though instead of worrying about what fashion magazines do and don’t do there are more serious things they can take on but its always nicer to be “heard” just like Vogue are “attention whores” these group need to target the right thing at the right time to make a point and create a new movement which will gain them bonus points in their followers eyes/opinions, if that makes sense.

    So in all honesty with this Vogue / Woman’s right groups indaba its just another case of stealing each others spot light.

    Next time maybe these groups should consider taking on the government and actually doing something serious about woman abuse and rape, isn’t that more of a cause worth fighting for?… That’s all!

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