Happy Heritage Day!

Morning to you from a warm and sunny South Africa!

You may or may not know this, but on the other side of the sea lives the worlds smallest little girl and her name is Charlotte Garside! She is super special, as she attended her first day of school and she’s no bigger than 9lbs and 68cm!

This 5 year old attended her first week in a public mainstream school despite having a very rare form of primordial dwarfism. She may suffer from this condition, but it doesn’t stop this feisty little girl from doing things other girls her age want to do.



Her sisters Chloe and Sabrina say “she may look like a doll, but she is made of strong stuff”

<a href="“>20120924-085423.jpg
She loves to run around the house and being thrown up in the air. Haha. Which kid doesn’t? In that way she is seriously normal. The parents were told that this 5year old has the learning capability of a 3year old, which is more than they expected. They didn’t even think she would live this long, as doctors told them she’s lucky if she lives past the age of one! (she’s not lucky, she is blessed!)



She is smaller than her teddy and the family cat is bigger than her too! Isn’t she just doll-like and nunus?

❤ all the best to the Garside family and Charlotte. Have a great and happy life! Don't let happy moments slip away, embrace the blessings!



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  1. Justine Olivier

    Wowee what a cute lil girl she is! Love this site 🙂

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