Kelly Osbourne is “Sorry” for her Manicure

Hiya Poutlings

The other day, I mentioned this stupid MILLION RAND MANICURE that Kelly Osbourne wore to the Emmys.

She has taken to Twitter to say that she is in fact “sorry”, but of course she’s not, because this so-called-apology is her way of telling the world that she rocked a quarter of a million dollar fucking nail polish.

Why would she go ahead and tell us this? Well, duh… because NOT everyone noticed – LAST WEEK – to begin with. Why would one endure the extravagance of a $250k worth of black diamonds if you cannot brag about it to the world?

Did anyone really notice until it was pointed out to you that her manicure was anything more than a regular OPI or Essie sparkly black?

Whatever. She “didn’t pay” for it… What I want to know is where those diamonds go when the manicure wears off? Are they removed and returned whoever the owner is (since it’s clearly not Kelly)? Does the shit just chip off leaving a trail of sparkly diamonds behind Kelly wherever she goes? Is she hoping to attract a gold-digging man, a-la-Hansel-and-Gretel with the crumbs.

Silliness…. Such silliness. The world is mad.


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