Living Dolls : Anastsiya Shpagina

Hiya Pouters

At 19 years old, Ukrainian women, Anastsiya Shpagina devotes hours to altering her appearance in a way that resemble a character that has just stepped out of an anime episode. The result? Seemingly successful, although, considerably questionable to her health.

At 5’2, Anastaysia Shpagina only weighs around 40kgs.Everyday she spends over half an hour applying makeup to her eyes according to ONE online report in order to shape them into a doe-like resemblance to an anime character and she has even adopted the Japanese name, Fukkacumi.

Anastaysia Shpagina & Valeria Lukyanova

Sandy has spoken about Valeria Lukyanova previously… And well, Valeria Lukyanova claims to be the most famous woman on the Russian Internet but she may very have some competition, in the form of another doll-like creature, Anastsiya Shpagina. Both young doll-a-likes, Valeria Lukyanova and Anastsiya Shpagina, live in Odessa and according to images posted on VK (similar to Facebook in the Eastern European Countries) they appear to be close friends.

Both dolls, I mean girls have their own YouTube channels. Here is Anastaysiya’s Flower Fairy Makeup Tutorial…

Anastasiya with her mother

So, what are your thoughts? Creepy or original?

Here is her Facebook Page

I still think this is controversial and creepy. Unfortuantely, I think this is just the begining of a massive cos-play movement.



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9 responses to “Living Dolls : Anastsiya Shpagina

  1. Why am I not surprised that these two specimens are friends? Gosh the eyes creep me out!

  2. I think I would take a lot of skill to recreate these looks, and I would try it for a cosplay type event, but certainly not every day! I think they are looking for their 15 min of fame lol!

  3. The eyes look so “cold”. Something happened to these girls to have made them like this or maybe that’s just me reading too much into it? I have a feeling we’re going to see alot more of these creations coming from the Ukraine and they all going to be friends sharing makeup tips to look more freakier!

    • I personally think these girls are looking at getting their 15 minutes of fame, and its working, but really… at what cost, and lets be honest, they won’t look like this for the rest of their lives and HOW on earth are they going to get a job????

  4. The might get a job in the fetish porn industry. Haha. It’s fascinating but too much work. X

  5. Plus … Reading the post. Like there are way too many names resembling vanginas and fukk a chummy. And so on. Hahahaha. It’s weeeeird. Thus I say perfect for porn industry.

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