WTF : LOVE JOULE – Tokyo’s First Female Masturbation Bar

Hiya Poutlings

The reasons to visit Japan just keep on getting more and more interesting. You can go to a naked robot burlesque restaurant or to LOVE JOULE,  a “love and sex bar dedicated to women“. It’s described as a place women “can opelnly discuss masturbation“.

Behind the bar, instead of liquor bottles, are rows and rows of vibrators, lube and other “female friendly” toys.

The bar is part of a trend  going on in Japan to do away with the taboo surrounding female masturbation, sex toys and female sexuality in general. Alright everyone, brace yourselves because I’m going to tell you some Earth shattering news: some women masturbate. Can you believe it?? Rumour has it some even burp and pass gas too but researchers still lack conclusive evidence!!  To ensure that it’s a safe place for women, men aren’t allowed in the bar unless permitted by a female partner.

Since its opening, LOVE JOULE has also become popular with women working in the sex and porn industry, who come to unwind and speak openly about their trade.

This sounds crazy, but I suppose if its going to happen anywhere in the world it would have to be in Japan… and well, I’m glad freedom of speech and thought is encouraged. There is a lot more harmful things they could be doing and in the same thought they are not harming anyone or themselves… so GOOD FOR THEM… but I think I’ll pass however if I had to choose, I’d rather have a robot burlesque.

What about you??

And if you think I’ve had too much crazy juice, feel free to visit LOVE JOULE official Facebook Page.



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8 responses to “WTF : LOVE JOULE – Tokyo’s First Female Masturbation Bar

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  2. shortnez

    Eish! Ja ne!

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  5. Lady_HellFire

    Omg i don’t understand this… why not just go to a “House” and help each other out instead of DIY-ing in front of your mates, put them to work damnit! bwahahahaha

  6. sam

    Females are the only immese gift of god. so their paradise must heavenly be pleased to

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