As some of you may know, there are some things I’m totally against, but I’ll only be mentioning one thing right now that really gets on my nerves. That is …. HAIRDRESSERS. A few months ago I had taken the chance by visiting a hair salon after almost a decade of hair salon abstinence.

What was the experience? Well, a trim, a treatment (which was left in my hair for less than 5 minutes) a color, and blow wave. I walked out there R1200,00 +- poorer and not looking any different than any other normal day when I do my hair myself. Honestly I believe hair salons are over priced and we are dumb enough to pay it. I never went back.

Anyway, I color and cut my own hair. Some people may think its madness since my hair is long, but honestly people. All I have to do it snip snip here, snip snip there and color it at home with one color. It’s no biggie. If you have been to a salon, instead of yapping about your life story to the stylist who honestly doesn’t give a crap, pay attention to what she is doing and learn! You may be able to do it yourself if you have some savvy.

The whole point of this post is to talk about hair dye. The majority of dyes are not cruelty free and have major chemicals in it. However if you do have a complex style, hair color and are in need of a professional, try to go to salons that use PAUL MITCHELL products, as he is against animal testing. But if you’re into at home self hair coloring I want you to go to your nearest Health Shop and get some natural hair dye! HERBATINT has no strong smell, no chemicals and it’s totally cruelty free! Their colors are stunning and it’s simple to use. My hair is soft and shiny. A friend of mine also told me about henna hair dye. That’s also another one I’d like to try maybe.

I bought my Herbatint black dye at the HEALTH YARD in Menlyn for R140,00 and what’s nice about it is that you don’t use all the product when doing your roots. Just use what you need and keep the bottles for future root color touch ups, depending on your hair length of course. I have to use everything.


Which hair dye do you use? Are you aware they test in animals? Do you prefer being ripped off by salons? Haha. Ok, ok, maybe one day I’ll go to THE SALON in WoodlandsMall, since they use Paul Mitchell products and the dude there looks like he knows what he is doing……. Maaaaybe one day!

Here is the link to the HERBATINT site, have a look and give it a go. I love it!
Herbatint UK

I have heard of women being disappointed of at home DIY hair coloring, but that’s normally because they don’t know what they’re doing to be honest. They believe that it’s a miracle in a box. You must eat healthy and drink lots of water. Plus don’t do your own hair if you don’t have style savvy (sorry to say that, but many women don’t have a cooking clue how to do things and end up blaming the product) if you are looking. To have a color with many hues, don’t attempt to do it yourself. You need a helping hand, but I urge you to ask your salon if they using animal testing free products, of not, take the dye yourself and ask them to use it instead. That’s an option. Xx



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7 responses to “HERBATINT HAIR DYE

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  2. You know I have virgin hair, and I don’t know a thing about dying hair, even though years ago I did dye Brett’s hair black before my 18th birthday party… hahaha.
    I share your dislike for hairdressers… 🙂

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  6. Kathy

    How true, I only ever use Herbatint these days and the colours are fantastic compared to the other brands. Was always a loreal girl until I found out they did their business on the wrong side of the testing lab for my liking. Ironically wish (have dyed my prematurely grey hair for 20+ years) I’d know about Herbatint then rather than the mainstream supermarket carried brands…

    • Hey Kathy!!!

      Great to know you love the herbatint product! I also tried out Magnifiques hair henna dye. Its amazing too! Maybe you should give it a go. There is NO smell. And its less messy. But both makes are equally great.

      I recently went to a Paul Mitchell hair salon in pretoria mall. Paul Mitchell is the only main stream high end brand that does NOT test on animals and they really care for the environment. Follow them on Fb. Follow Angus Mitchell too.

      He provides so much info and really is open to all his readers and followers. So if you’re in need of a proper salon treatment.. Go for the Paul Mitchell brand.

      I color my own hair, but go go for treatments at their salon.

      great to hear from you! Xxo

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