WTF : Cuddle Cafe Opens in Tokyo

Hiya Poutlings

In this weeks weird edition of “Weird stuff from Japan” : cuddle cafes. It is exactly what it sounds like, you pay to cuddle a Japanese woman. **LINK TO PREVIOUS POST ON THE FEMALE MASTURBATION BAR IN JAPAN**

The cost of admission to Soineya (literally “sleep together shop“) is 3,000 yen or roughly R342. The cafe gives customers the choice of the standard or optimal cuddle session. The standard session is another 300,000 yen or roughly R342 for 20 minutes of cuddling, while the optional session is 50,000 yen or roughly R396 for 10 hour sleeping/cuddling combo. All “co-sleeping” activites exclude sex or any other monkey business, apparently.

There’s also other options with extra fees like sleeping in the lady’s arms, foot massages, and feeling the lady’s hair. The cuddle employees are paid 3,500 yen or roughly R396 an hour.

Are cuddle businesses the new rage? It’s true human touch that lowers stress hormones HOWEVER paying a stranger to cuddle with? Well, people do pay for many other services that I’d deem super weird.

so, your decide CREEPY or COMFY?



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3 responses to “WTF : Cuddle Cafe Opens in Tokyo

  1. It’s stupid! Wtf. See, it’s all the crap they’re eating that affects their thinking.

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