“Hi Poutperfection Blog

I am a regular reader and follower of your posts. I was just wondering if you could give me some advice.

I’m noticing a big debate between my different group of friends. Some of them are going the slutty route and freely have sex with men and date a lot.

Some of them are shy and not interested. While I can see the girls who are off with the guys are having fun and living life. I am at a loss for which friends to be with.

Some of my friends who refuse to have sex until marriage can be a bit boring, but u am not comfortable sitting and discussing some of the things with my friends who have had sex.

Please help


Dear ANON!

Thank you for contacting our team.

First things first. You didn’t say how old you or your group of friends are. I assume you’re all quite young due to the fact you’re unsure of what to do.

When I was a teen and even in my early 20s I never gave into peer pressure. I was adamant to be an individual. And I think you are an individual, because you’re not sure whether you should follow one group or just the other. You may be unsure of yourself though.

Life is about finding a balance. In EVERYTHING you do. If you eat too much junk. You’re just pumping junk into your body and the outcome won’t be good! Same applies with people in our lives. If you just associate yourself with “slutty” friends you’ll be finding the “slutty” lifestyle quite normal. Same with your conservative friends who may find judging others to be ok, which it isn’t.

The best thing to do is just spend time with yourself. Build a relationship with you, be so comfortable with yourself so that when you do hang out with either group, you can brush off any insecurities you may have with them.

I have a diverse group of friends, but their lifestyles don’t always force me to partake in it with them. In actual fact, when YOU are a well balanced human who contributes to society they will learn from YOU!

I’m not saying be one or the other. I’m not saying experience both. But just pay attention and see how each groups lives are affected by the way they’re leading it. Then sit back and listen to your heart! The heart is what your conscience, soul and God has to say. The head however is the doubter!!! You’ll know what’s right for you and what isn’t.

And btw, being a “slut” may seem like fun and games. They have many friends, they’re popular and normally hot! But remember cheap prices attract lots of customers! Don’t ever waste your body and soul on any Tom, Dick and Harry. You’ll be way more respected in the long run, although it may not feel like that now.

And as for the “won’t have sex until marriage friends” of yours… They may be the “boring” ones, (I know Christians who lead a full, happy, fun and exciting life!) Don’t let the “boring” ones be judgmental towards you and your decisions. No one has the right to judge YOU, only the good Lord does. Remember that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Look in the mirror and just look into your eyes and quietly ask yourself what you want to do to benefit you and your life in the best way possible! The answer may only come in an hour, a week or a month, or immediately. But however long it may take remember this…

Don’t be hard on yourself if you make mistakes in your life! Sometimes we need to make mistakes. Not to blame those who may have caused our dilemma, but to learn more about ourselves.

Life is about learning, but remember to listen to your heart.

I hope to hear from you soon.



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