I ❤ Rimmel London

Hello Poutlings 😀


I know to a great deal of you this might be old news, but i am just beyond excited about this product that i cannot help but share ☺


After scratching in a few draws out of boredom yesterday i came across a gorgeous pastel yellow nail polish that i just had to apply on my dull not so glam nails.

After applying two coats i started reading the tiny bottle out of boredom (yes i am one of those that read the contents of things when bored :P)


Just to discover the following words: “Fruity scent when dry” ヅ At first i was skeptical because all i could smell is the typical nail polish smell, but the second my nails was dry i just had to start sniffing and of course what did i end up having tickle my nose… An absolutely amazingly fresh Lemon drop scent!! After having my model drop me for makeup and being bored beyond believe this absolutely made my day, i applied two coats and then a nail strengthening clear polish followed by another coat and finished with a glowing clear polish for the finishing touch, I have had to polish on for around 24h now and I still get my Lemon drop freshness every few seconds!



Apart from having the fruity goodness of this amazingly awesome product you also get gorgeous vibrant bright colors as well as a great deal of stunning pastels, I’m not a big nail polish fan and always prefer a nice neutral color because i work with a great deal of different clients and enjoy keeping things neat and professional but i can honestly tell you that i am beyond in love with the pastel range and i just love my yellow pastel lemon drop nails 😀



I without a doubt recommend this product to anyone and everyone, its just beyond awesomeness in a tiny scented bottle!!



Have an absolutely Fruity Tuesday!

Much Love, Lady_HellFire xxx

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