Now don’t shoot me or think this is utter BS. I actually agree with this article written in 1955.

The only reason why I do agree with it, is because I know I have the most amazing man in my life and I have to show him that he means the world to me. And he deserves it.

One day I’ll be married, I can’t promise the perfect housewife attitude all the time, but I’ll try my best. He must understand I’m human too. But this is how I envision my life. To be a lovely housewife. I firmly believe the world is a stuff up because men have lost their gentlemen-like ways, women have to take on the roles of men, kids aren’t growing up with morals or in a tight knit family home anymore.

Obviously many divorced people are achieving all the best and good for them, but having a family just makes things easier. I feel the world MUST get back to basics.

(just saw the article was published on my birthday, so maybe I’m meant for this? Posting two incase one isn’t clear enough.)



(There are two points I don’t fully agree with. 14 and 17. Because in the modern world we are living in, they tend to go to whore houses haha and I’ll so leave him like a hot potato, but if he is enjoying a hobby (a legit hobby and not till late at night) then its ok, but he must understand that late night partying with the boys is not on anymore. It’s klaar!)

I’m sure you think I’ve lost my marbles after reading this article, but If you have a great man, then treat him like a king and he will treat you like a queen. You must also think, ‘what does she know? She isn’t married yet’ well, this is how we are brought up and it works. My sisters are all happily married housewives with full enriched lives. The men in my family work hard and are amazing men! Love them! The key to a successful marriage is God and I have learnt do much from them and thank God for that.

For the man: Happy wife, happy life!


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