WTF : Adult Nappies are a TREND for Women in Japan

Hiya Poutlings

Again, with Japan, and weird things to do/see/avoid there. Japan’s SPA magazine recently published an article called “The Ultimate Form of Slob”, about the masculinzation of women, which appears to be manifesting itself in female “slob” behaviors. This includes slacking on cleanliness in homes, refusing to maintain hairless bodies and wait for it… WEARING nappies to avoid having to take bathroom breaks at work.

One of the 25 year old “slobs” interviewed in the piece confessed to wearing a diaper to work for the last six months to save her the trouble of having to use the toilet. SHE PEES IN HER NAPPY AND SITS IN IT…. apparently, this trend is catching on some drugstores have started stocking their feminine hygiene sections with LOTS of adult nappies.

NO. NOOO. NOOO. NO WAYS BRU. Not acceptable. I am fine with sloppiness. It’s not my way, but I don’t judge. Housework and laundry and body hair are ALL annoying. I get it. Interrupting the work day to pee, especially if you have a small bladder, can be a nuisance… but in no universe, unless you are unable to maintain proper bladder control, would that move me to start wearing a nappy!!

I suspect that their is a fetish attached to this… but honestly, I do not want to go there or even dwell on it for a second further.






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20 responses to “WTF : Adult Nappies are a TREND for Women in Japan

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  20. I agree that this seems like a step too far on the slob scale, but perhaps the women are just trying to be more productive? Man hours (or indeed woman hours) are very expensive in Japan, perhaps adult nappies are less expensive than the lost time?

    I read a thread somewhere about a call center in South America where this is actually compulsary! I think it’s an urban myth though.

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