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MORGAN SHELLY : The Newest Face of Guess SA

Hiya Poutlings

The strikingly beautiful teen model, Morgan Shelly from Cape Town has been announced as the newest face of GUESS South Africa and its first local Brand Ambassador… and she is only 16 years old – talk about some serious ambition!

Morgan is signed with Boss Models and you can follow her on Twitter here *clickety click*


Congrats Shelly, we’re behind you all the way.

go get ’em!


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STILA… It’s here Baby!

Hiya Poutlings!

STILA COSMETICS has arrived in South Africa!

okay, it has been here for a few weeks, and I’m bit delayed but… it’s here!

Stila was created in Los Angeles in 1994, it later became available in London and the UK and now it has come to our South African shores.  The name Stila was derived from the Italian word “stilare” which means “to pen“. Stila’s website said they chose that name because “EVERY WOMAN’S MAKEUP SHOULD BE AS INDIVIDUAL AS HER OWN SIGNATURE”.

Any of you that have watched YouTube makeup artists, specifically from the USA, you would of seen how bat-shit crazy they are for the STILA eye-liners.

You can find STILA at any of these stores:


Woolworths Eastgate

Woolworths Eastrand

Woolworths Sandton


Woolworths Gateway

Truworths Gateway

Truworths Westville


Truworths Cavendish

Truworths Tygervalley

Truworths Somerset Mall


Truworths Greenacres



I am most excited about getting my paws on their STAY ALL DAY LIQUID LIPSTICK, SMUDGE POTS, MAJOR LASH MASCARA and not to mention the STAY ALL DAY WATERPROOF BROW COLOUR

There you have it, the best of the best, they are a cruelty free brand… so no fluffies were harmed in the making of these awesome products.

Be sure to check out STILA on the following:




Let me know how your STILA experience was!

I will be sure to let you know about mine!



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Hunger Games actress Jennifer won’t starve herself for any movie role! This is what she claimed in an interview with ELLE USA. Good for her! She also said that according to Hollywood standards, she is seen as “a fat actress”!

What are her eating habits? Well, “I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress who doesn’t have anorexia rumors”.

She also said that no film role will cause her to lose weight!

Reading more into the interview, one just gets to like her even more. “I’m never going to starve myself for a part.” On taking on the part in The Hunger Games, “I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong, not thin and underfed!”





Good for you Jennifer! Show Hollywood how it’s done! You look better than most of the other actresses falling through their own arseholes! I mean, look at these images! She is beyond beautiful. Goodness me! If she is obese, then I’m a planet.



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MALE MODELS : The Female Species

Hiyaa Poutlings!

Andrej Pejic, *clickety click* the androgynous, biologically male beauty who rose to notriety as a working female model, ushered in the changing tides of a new non-gender conformative face to fashion. Cast in editorial and runway positions that were previously only filled by women, he became the singular poster child for a new born generation in the world of modeling with no trappings of traditional gender roles or the gender bender as I like to refer to it.

But don’t ask Casey Legler about terms like gender identity and gender expression : for the New York City based “art maker“, the topic is not sex, it’s freedom.

“It would be a really beautiful thing if we could all just wear what we wanted, without it meaning something.”

Casey Legler is a former Olympic swimmer – so it seems understandable, if not expected, progession that she, at a striking, willowy 6″2′, is one of the first (if not the first) women to be signed exclusively to a men’s modeling contract.

After participating in the Olympics for her home country of France at the age of 18, Casey paved her way as an artist working with multiple mediums. Her art, which she frequently appears in, reflects on overriding themes like the constructs of time, ritual and the human body, and it’s her work that led her to an entry into modeling – friend and high profile photographer Cass Bird asked Legler to improvise a man’s role for a shoot in Muse magazine this past summer. The editoral found its way to the desk of an agent at Ford Models, and Legler was signed to their male roster the next day.

As her for her future in the industry, Casey is optimistic.

“I wish a long and slow career for myself, for everyone.”

Yes, you will be seeing her on the runway early next year – Casey will walk in shows in both Paris and New York for the Autumn/Winter 2013 season.


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Before I begin I feel like I need to make a point here, they are not real nuns.

ok… as you were.

Hiya Poutlings


“Topless nuns” were seen hosing down anti-gay marriage demonstrators with “holy sperm” last Sunday in Paris.

Go ahead, read that sentence again.

As stated above, they were NOT real nuns. FEMEN, the breast-baring Ukrainian women’s movement is famous for spreading awareness about a cause through nudity. When FEMEN found out that more than 100,000 Catholics would be protesting against France’s legislation to allow gay marriage and adoption, they got their weapons ready. With various slogans written across their (need I mention, naked) chests, including “In Gay We Trust” and “Fuck God”, FEMEN members got creative with baby powder, spraying the mist on protestors calling it “Jesus Sperm”.

In both the photos and videos, the women of FEMEN are shown being shoved by both protestors, and policemen, with one activist losing a tooth and another with a broken nose. Sounds a bit scary. Alas, as the gay rights movement begins to gain acceptance in more countries throughout the world, protests on both sides of the debate are sure to spark some fire.. and spread some more cleavage?


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