THE 99p DRESS! #OMGfashion online website crashed after it had sold 300 dresses in just 15 minutes after MailOnline announced they ( were selling this dress for just 99p as an early Christmas special. It was a treat for their customers! I’d say that’s a blinking awesome treat!

With having 40 000 visitors logging onto their system on the Friday and 60 000 on the Saturday had to replenish their stock, which resulted in them selling over 1000 dresses all together.

The nude, peplum and embellished dress is out of stock, but it will be on sale again! Customers who managed to get their hands on the dress ended up paying more for postal delivery than the actual dress.


Basically the company’s spokesperson said that they know girls these days don’t want to be seen in the same outfit twice, especially if its overpriced. So this is what they came up with.



Ok, so here I go with my plea……FOREVER NEW PLEASE do this!!!!




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4 responses to “THE 99p DRESS! #OMGfashion

  1. or any of the 36 boutiques designers! 🙂 but don’t crash…

  2. sharon robertson

    Hi just on to see what sizes you have in the 99p dress thank you

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