Bond Girls + Swarovski Crystals = Deadliest Combination

Hiya Poutlings

Beauty, intelligence and danger are three characteristics that make a classic Bond Girlso irresitible and stimltaneously trecherous. For Jenny Temine, the costume designer for Skyfall partnered with Swarovski Crystals for a custom handmade gown that is fit for such a woman of mystery.

There have been numerous Bond Girls in the historyu of the James Bond movie series. The character Severine stars as Daniel Craig’s love interest in the latest edition of Skyfall. Featured wearing a custom dress with 60,000 Swarovski Cystals, actress Berenice Marlohe seduces James Bond very successfully.

Created through the collaboration of costume designer Jeny Temine and Swarovski Crystals, Jenny Temine revealed:

“I saw crystal print designs in Swarovski’s Aterlier in Paris and I knew I wanted to create a bespoke crystal “Tattoo” design for Severine’s dress.”

This of course will not be the only featured in the movie. Thankfully we have many other luxurious costumes and secret agent suits to keep us intrigued throughout the film. Other notable details about the film include Adele recording the first James Bond theme to go to number 1 on iTunes.


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