A Kate Moss-umentary is Coming Our Way Soon…

Hiya Poutlings

Supermodel, Kate Moss has always been a private celebrity and that’s what made the film crew following her around during Thursday night’s Kate Moss: The Kate Moss Book launch party all the more suprising.

Following the launch of her book she has this film crew following her every move to create a documentary based on her book tour. She has now been revealing much more about her personal life from her Johnny Depp heartbreak to her daughters first word of “paparazzi” and the struggle of raising a child in the public eye, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, I’m quite sure that the Kate Moss Documentary will not be one to miss.

I have to ask, was Kate Moss just born cooler than the rest of us? Her cover shot on the September 2012 issue of Paris Vogue already induced a heart attack and when I saw the editorial I fashion-died all over again. In an editorial titled “e Noir” shot by Mert & Marcus, Kate and mdoel Saskia De Brauw take looks styled by Katy England to a level of indefinable beauty.

I find it hard to imagine to world of modeling without Kate. Fortunately the whole industry changed as soon as photographer, David Ross took these first snaps of a 14 year old.

As part of Bloomsbury Auction’s Photograph sale, the first images shot of Kate will be auctioned off and are expecting at least £1,200.

Are you stoked? I am. I feel like a crazy fangirl.



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2 responses to “A Kate Moss-umentary is Coming Our Way Soon…

  1. Ooh … Looks like it will be interesting! She has such a unique beauty!

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