My little Roxy’s LUCKY DOG experience


So this week my little Roxy (Mini Toy Pom) got spoilt rotten like a real princess by the lovely people from Lucky Dog, when they delivered her Lucky Dog package for me to review.

Roxy's exciting Lucky Dog box

Roxy’s special delivery 🙂

Roxy was so thrilled and excited when she saw that she had a package filled with goodies specially packed for her, even for her specific size and breed  (similar to the way you would feel when receiving a GlossyBox for yourself to indulge in)  that she couldn’t sit still.

Firstly she got to look inside the box..

Roxy looking into the LUCKY DOG box that was specially packed for her

Then she got to try out the beef chewy strips, which she LOVED, even though at first she struggled to keep it in her mouth with all the running around like a crazy little excited ball of fluff.

Roxy enjoying the CHEWY BEEF STRIPS

Next she got to play a bit with her brand new squeaky soft toy wheel, which she is absolutely crazy about, and so are the cats 😉 Roxy loves playing tug of war with me and shaking the toy about!

Roxy stretching and getting ready to have a nap

After all the excitement she got tired and slept like a baby.

The next day we tried out some yummy BARKERY BITES (similar to Eat Some More cookies for us, just for doggies), those were her favourite’s it seemed, as she gobbled down at least 5 after each other, after sitting and “giving paw” like a real little lady dog of course! 😉


“Giving paw” to get her treats

Receiving her treat

Om nom nom

And then today she had her meal with one teaspoon of  VONDI’S DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (which is certified 100% organic, and also has added Aloe) mixed in. She enjoyed it and then ran outside to play with her new toy 🙂

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH- Natural Parasite Remedy

Roxy having her meal

Also included in this awesome pooch package is a voucher for a FREE FEELGOOD PETS PETALIVE product of my choice that suits little Roxy’s needs.

Information booklet and awesome voucher


I personally love this idea of subscribing to LUCKY DOG to receive monthly treats/toys/and products for my furry friend, because that way I get to test out the products that suit my pooch best, instead of buying big products that she ends up not liking, that can be very costly. This way if she doesn’t like something in the box it didn’t cost me a fortune, so its a win win for both of us!

You get 3 categories for the LUCKY DOG package delivery subscription:

1. Lucky

Receive 1 box
for 1 month – R199

2. Luckier

Receive 1 box every month
for 3 consecutive months- R189 per month

3. Luckiest

Receive 1 box every month
for 6 consecutive months- R179 per month

Here’s the link to LUCKY DOG to get you started:

And here’s the link to find them on Facebook:

Roxy is very happy and satisfied with all she received in her LUCKY DOG gift box, and thanks everyone involved in hand picking her treats to make her feel special and loved 🙂
I wish I could be as lucky, don’t you!?

Have a poutalitious day pooches and pouters!

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