Before I begin I feel like I need to make a point here, they are not real nuns.

ok… as you were.

Hiya Poutlings


“Topless nuns” were seen hosing down anti-gay marriage demonstrators with “holy sperm” last Sunday in Paris.

Go ahead, read that sentence again.

As stated above, they were NOT real nuns. FEMEN, the breast-baring Ukrainian women’s movement is famous for spreading awareness about a cause through nudity. When FEMEN found out that more than 100,000 Catholics would be protesting against France’s legislation to allow gay marriage and adoption, they got their weapons ready. With various slogans written across their (need I mention, naked) chests, including “In Gay We Trust” and “Fuck God”, FEMEN members got creative with baby powder, spraying the mist on protestors calling it “Jesus Sperm”.

In both the photos and videos, the women of FEMEN are shown being shoved by both protestors, and policemen, with one activist losing a tooth and another with a broken nose. Sounds a bit scary. Alas, as the gay rights movement begins to gain acceptance in more countries throughout the world, protests on both sides of the debate are sure to spark some fire.. and spread some more cleavage?


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