Tips on printing you’re own Christmas cards for friends and family


Whether you’re the creative type, or you’re a bit broke from all the Christmas shopping for the kids, and forgot all about buying the Christmas cards for family abroad, and have decided to make your own, here are some things to remember when doing so:

1. Make sure you have enough ink. Christmas cards are printed in full colours, and require a lot of ink. Choosing cards with a lot of white space will help lessen the need for ink, but you’ll still want to be sure you have plenty of supplies to print your cards.

2. Clean your print head. Ink smudges can ruin a card, so be sure your printer is in top shape before you start sending paper through.

3. Use a high quality print mode. Skip the draft or text modes on your printer and select a higher level of printing, especially if you’ll be printing photos. This will make sure the ink appears solid and smooth and the colours are rich.

4. Don’t skimp on paper. Your cards will look better if you purchase a heavy weight paper designed especially for printing cards rather than using the regular inkjet paper you use for everyday printing. Splurge on a nice matte or glossy paper to ensure top quality cards if you can afford it.

5. Start early. If you’re going to be printing all your cards rather than buying pre-made ones, be sure to give yourself enough time to get everything printed, signed, addressed and sent. You’ll be glad you did, and home made cards give Chrismas that special feel!


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