Coming live to you from Buckingham Palace in 3D on Christmas Day

Hiya Poutlings

and more specifically to our UK Readers…

If you want to scare the bejaysus out of your drunken Uncle or other crazy relative on Christmas day then please be sure to put the Queen’s speech on the tele which this year is going to be be in 3D.


I can think of nothing more frightening than Her Royal Highness and her perm beaming into your lounge to rattle on about what an “annus horribilis” the past year wasn’t while the United Kingdom sits there jerking and twitching as their tired, food and probably drink-overlaid synapses fight to protect them from being poked in the eye by the Buckingham Palace Christmas tree.

If they’re going to to that route, they really ought to look into broadcasting Harry’s Vegas naked pool billiards footage in 3D instead of Her Majesty emotionlessly reading some speech someone else wrote through her British stiff upper lip off an auto-cue. By the way, read all about the British forces giving Harry a naked salute here *clickety click*

Now, that is my idea of entertainment. If this becomes a reality please be sure to let me know when, and I will ensure that I am back home to watch that in 3D.

The rest of us in South Africa will no doubt, be able to watch the Queen’s speech on SkyNews on DSTV… fortunately or unfortunately not in 3D.


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