First if all………HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

It’s great to be back on the blogging action. I hope you missed me as much as I missed you.

So I think 2013 will be a great year. I’m not one for superstitious BS, but 13 is a good number. I guess if we’re positive, we will go in a positive direction. Sometimes you need to see the negative in order to appreciate the positive.

So I think I’m going to do just that with this post. I am blessed enough to know all sorts of people. From all directions in life. I know many wealthy people, and many of them I find are most ignorant. And I don’t mean that in an offensive way, but when money isn’t a problem your life you buy “the best”, but the best isn’t necessarily cruelty free.

Before I start, I know many of the worlds problems won’t stop, but knowing the truth may make one contribute to the problems far less. For instance; we all love luxury brands. Of course, who doesn’t? But it comes at a price. I’m not just talking about how much you pay for it, but did you know that 98% of cosmetics you paste on your face was tested on a bunny, kitty cat, cute dog, mousey mouse and more? Those exact animals you “ooooh and aaaah” at. Do some research on what your supporting. That’s what I do.

Look, I know some of you are rolling your eyes, thinking I’m a tree hugger, but I’m not. I just don’t want to support something where if I had done some research, it would have stopped me from purchasing that product in the first place.

If you have any clothing with FUR on it, I beg you to look at it and really understand that it’s not beautiful. Even if it says “faux fur” it may be dog or cat fur. Most likely from China. It’s the most vile thing to watch, but I feel everyone should. It makes you more aware of things. Makes you more in tune with what’s our there. It makes you want to know more about everything.

I respect celebrities who stand up for animals. (So many of them couldn’t give two shits.) After all, they’re the ones who influence the world today. It’s not anymore our parents, family, or spiritual leaders. That’s apparently “old fashioned”. It’s terribly sad that we have to look up to celebs, but thank God for those who want to make a difference, for the better of course.

Here are some HOT CELEBRITIES who stand up for animals. I just love these posters.

























So I’m not forcing you to become a vegetarian, vegan or tree hugger. I ask you to become AWARE of what’s happening out there. Especially with those so-called high end name brands.

Click HERE and do some eye opening research.

Sorry if the images disturbed you, but don’t live your life blindly. The “positive” in this, is that you may save countless of animals from abuse.


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