Some VB Nostalgia

Hiya Poutlings

…as any of our regular readers would be aware, I love Victoria Beckham. It all stemmed from my deep undying love for all things Spice Girls and she had to be the best out of all them because she married David Beckham. Posh & Becks, aah, equals ♥love♥ in my eyes.

I read her first autobiography years ago, its at my parents house on my old book shelf – not sure if she has got a new one out, I will have to look – in that book there were loads of pictures of her growing up and when I stumbed across these on my hard drive it clicked. Does she not look the same now that she did when she was 18??



Proof that not only is this woman amazing, business driven and successful she has discovered the fountain of youth somewhere and is not sharing that information with us!

x missfitz


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11 responses to “Some VB Nostalgia

  1. Aaah loved seeing this. Look, I HATE old pics of myself. I believe in constant change. Well, regarding some things. Other things must stay the same. But hey, she looked so pretty here.

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