Let’s go ride a bike… Naked?

Hiya Poutlings ❤

Have you ever got the desire, and never managed to shake it, that you need to feel the wind on your butt cheeks as you pedal around on your favourite bicycle? If so, then you need to start saving your money for a trip to… AUSTRALIA, to participate in the annual Melbourne naked bike ride. Actually, you may not have to that far – naked bike rides are apparently held all over the world in locations such as LONDON, HUNGARY and… PARAGUAY.

SA, I urge you all, let’s not make this a THING we copy (like everything else), please?

naked bike riding

It certainly takes a lot of, well, balls, to ride a bike naked. So hats off (helmets on/clothes off?) to the crew of bold Melbourne riders.

x missfitz


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5 responses to “Let’s go ride a bike… Naked?

  1. Lady_HellFire

    Lol don’t think i’ll ever have the cheek to put my butt on a bike neked 😛

  2. Sis. This is absolutely disgusting Sis. Yuk. Sis. I don’t know what else to say. Sis.

  3. Lady_HellFire

    Lol as eew and inappropriate as this is i still find it as funny as the masturbating bar 😛

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