Top Models as Prostitutes

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Fashion loves anything that straddles the very fine line between what is provocative and what is tasteless, and of course that happens to include the romanticising the blackened underbelly of society.

louis vuitton fall 2013 short film

If you do not believe me, please consider the “heroin chic” phenomenon of the mid-nineties or consider the unsettling existence of a wikiHow article called “How to be Heroin Chic”. So, I guess that fashion had no other option than to think “What’s gritty and ‘underground’ that we can glamourize with models and fancy clothes? Hmmm…. prostitution would be puuuuuurfect!”

kate moss "heroin chic"

Louis Vuitton’s latest short film, in collaboration with Katie Grand of Love magazine features some of the most recent TOP catwalkers Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Saskia de Braw, Isabeli Fontana, Lily McMenamy, Georgia Jagger and Magdelena Frackowiak as Parisian reines de la nuit drifting about the city streets in the brand’s romantic lingerie inspired Fall ’13 collection. Their path eventually elads to the actual show, where they take the runway in the same clothing.

I don’t know what they are trying to say with this vague storyline – clearly they are trying to say something – but the video is pretty, and the music is nice, and hey, prostitutes!

It’s not too explicit, but there are a few boobs, a few arses, so be wary should you work at a church, or something.

Louis Vuitton AW13 by James Lima from LOVE on Vimeo.



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2 responses to “Top Models as Prostitutes

  1. Ohemgeeeeee I am depressed. It’s so bad. So sad. So ….. No thanks. I love their canvas bags. But that’s about it. I think everyone is high. Hahaha

  2. I don’t think it’s all that bad, Being a European “based” brand this is very fitting really, We as South Africans are allot more conservative then the rest of the world.

    I strongly believe that woman are the most beautiful creature ever and nothing is more pure in beauty then nudity, it’s a form of art all on it’s own and the Europeans are open to embracing that, instead of seeing a boob they see art, I think we need to learn to look past whats staring us in the face and look beyond.

    When i read the word prostitution i too was ready to jump on my bitching waggon but after watching it I found it everything but cheap and tasteless even with the nudity that does appear it’s done in a very stylish and classy manor and the nudity was the last thing to attract my attention, I like it! Well done LV, it took me back to the true French ways!

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