For The Love of Nail Art – By Vonimoller

Heya Poutlings!

I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing better than well manicured nails!
Whether they have a clear coat of varnish on them or a beautiful French manicure or like the talented Vonimoller with her creative nail polish designs.


Vonimoller originally known as Siobhan Moller describes herself as a small town South African girl who is in love with nail polish.
Talented as she is, her frequent blog posts show some interesting designs along with some very creative designs.


Vonimoller does not only show you great ways to paint your nails, she gives brilliant tips on nail care as well. She uses various colours to keep her readers interested as well as various nail varnish brand names.

Vonimoller gives step by step instructions on how to create each look, making it simple and easy for us Pouters!

If you enjoy painting your nails and experiencing, do give her blog a read.
For The Love of Nail Art – By Vonimoller!


XoXo Megs!


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