Tips to a more enriching life

Hello pretty Poutlings

It’s been a while (again) since I’ve blogged, so here goes…
A lot of people these days are so depressed and unhappy, it seems like an ongoing rut most of us are stuck in, and sometimes the reasons for this is beyond our control, like the petrol price… But here’s a few tips to hopefully help us all…

1. Be Thankful
Be thankful every day. Say thank you every morning when you wake up. Say thank you for having another day, not another blue Monday, but rather be thankful that you have another day in which you can stand up, see your family and friends and spend time with the ones you love.


2. Learn something new every day
Ignorance is not bliss. In this day and age and with all the technology at our disposal, some people still “victimize” themselves by using the “I didn’t know” or the “I don’t know how” cards. Sorry to break it to you my dears, but this is not a valid excuse anymore. As they say these days, GIYBF! We are quick to learn new things in areas that interest us, but when it comes to work we are quick in throwing our hands up in the air.

If you just learn 1 new thing every day that relates to your work every day, make notes about it and practice it regularly, it will become second nature to you and you won’t struggle with it.


3. Learn a new word every day
We were all little geniuses in childhood, learning hundreds of new words every year and by the ti e we entered first grade, most of us had vocabularies of several thousand words. However, by the age of 11 or 12 we lost some of our enthusiasm for language and the rate at which we picked up new words began to decline significantly. Now we are lucky to pick up even 50 or 60 new words a year.
Languages has so much more to offer that it would be a shame to let our vocabulary-building talents go to waste. So lets re-build some of our youthful brilliance and learn a new word every day.


I hope this gives you all a new light on how to have a little more happiness every day!!

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One response to “Tips to a more enriching life

  1. Such an awesome post… and I agree with you…
    I also believe that happiness is a choice, if you choose to look for the negatives in every situation then you will find them! Obviously, excluding people that have legitimate mental illness and not including the people that think they have a mental illness, when all they have is a shit outlook on life!
    oh, by the way… I had to Google “GIYBF” and I feel a bit silly now… lol xx

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