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Hello poutlings,

I trust that all is well and everyone is getting prepared for winter. (everyone in Sa at least lol)

So if you love cosmetic’s as much as i do then you have more then likely heard of OFRA before.

OFRA co za

I was first introduced to this brand last year at the beauty-show in JHB and I immediately fell in love,

Not only because of what they had to offer but firstly because of the Makeup kit they had on display (well done OFRA great marketing technique 😉 hehe)

Makeup kit

After hanging around the OFRA stall a bit and listening to everything they had to offer and testing out everything they had, my friends and I walked away not forgetting the brand and most certainly with a card in hand to have a look at the website for further reassurance of it’s awesomeness!

After that day at the beauty show I was educated and ended up adding a new brand to my favorite list.

OFRA has everything to offer not just when it comes to makeup but for me as a qualified makeup artist and now beauty student there is nothing you can’t love about this brand as they don’t just stop at makeup!

OFRA has a complete skin range as well, and who better to understand skin then someone with the knowledge of it.

FacialsSkin care02Skin care

“Ofra Gaito began her career as an aesthetician in South Africa in 1979. From her success with her first salon and a distribution network created in South Africa and later Australia and New Zealand, came the knowledge and drive to create her own line of skin care and make up, resulting in the opening of Ofra Cosmetic Laboratories, and the first Ofra Salon, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida around 1997.

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories has developed a reputation for their understanding and treatment of various skin types and conditions through the use of anti oxidants, peptides, biotechnological, natural and high quality ingredients and have created a unique, skin care and make up line for both men and women, formulated by a specialised research and development team and are fast becoming a leader in the cosmetics industry. Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories products are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and not tested on animals.

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories specializes in the use of FDA approved Ingredients such as Argerline, Vegetable Growth Hormone, Retinol (Vitamin A) Vitamin B, Vitamin C,  Vitamin E, Vitamin K, glycolic and Lipolaic acids, Lactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Natural sun filters (titanium dioxide) UV Filters (L-ascorbic Acid),anti oxidants – (Alpha Lipolic Acid,)  Derma Minerals, Plant, Marine and Vegetable extracts

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories makeup range is a sophisticated line created from the finest ingredients, for professional and personal use. Long lasting colours help your skin look natural and feel soft all day long. The superfine textures, colours, derma minerals and polymers are designed to give optimum coverage with minimal use of product. Create a stunning look with our wide selection of Eye, Lip, and Face colours that stay on beautifully whether you want a soft daytime look or a dramatic evening look.”

Eyeshadow blushFix line eyeliner3d eyeshadow

Now you can kit out all your cosmetic’s with the OFRA range, knowing you get quality products that actually do what they are intended too, Plus Using OFRA you can have ease within your heart knowing no animals were harmed during the process of making your products, Yes OFRA is ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE!


Be sure to keep an eye on this brand.

Website: http://www.ofracosmetics.co.za/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/OFRA-Cosmetics-South-Africa/144787562240284?fref=ts

Twitter: @OFRACosmeticsSA

Have a fabulous Saturday.




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  1. That sounds incredible, have you tried their liners?


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